Saturday, December 27, 2008

day 1 : shopping in bangalore

life is great when the loved ones are here with me :D

day 1 : teman my family (particularly my mom) shopping for sarees and salwar kameez (punjabi suit) usually, my mom hanye bertahan 1 hour maximum utk shopping. she gets fatigue easily hahahah. but today, she managed to shop for the whole 4 hours, non-stop, really. she got really2 excited and amazed with the sarees. according to her, the sarees are all cheap(compared to those in malaysia) and extremely beautiful. and my mom berjaya membelanjakan quite a large sum of money just for sarees. bravo mummy! (no wonder i'm a shopaholic, kemana tumpahnye lauk kalau bukan ke nasi? :D)

together with us was of course, my adorable darling. i wanna say thanks to u my dearie dear, sbb teman me and my family jalan2. he helped a lot too. thanks sgt2. i know it was tiring, i hope u get a good rest tonite. i really2 appreciate it. my dad pon tak habis2 ckp u baik sgt (banggela tu ;p) and i'm glad that u got along so well with my family. i love u damn muchhhhh!

i guess the happiest person on earth today is my mom. after we got back to my apartment, sumerang terus pengsan sbb penat sgt. tak smpat tuka baju pon sume dh tido. but my mom is still awake(up until now), still admiring the sarees she just bought :D happy for her heheheheh and she bought quite a number of bangles too. she adores 'em a lot.

the plan for tomorrow is to go to MG road, but hopefully we'll be back home earlier because i haven't done packing my stuff for delhi trip yet. and sadly, my baby's leaving tomorrow nite :( :( :( hate to say goodbye. having u and my family around is like a perfect combo! loving it!

here are some recent pictures of me, my baby and my family.

while waiting for my family at the airport
bangalore airport!!

my mom is a shopaholic too, sbb tu abah botak ahaha

sisters at commercial street

sisters, brother and boyfriend.

geng baru :D they talked a lot about football. err?

gempak gile the camera makes me look fat, though i'm not.
love daddy!

happiest person on earth today, my mom
love mummy!!


seyraxo. said...

ahhh iraaa i want sareees jugak!

by the way, makcikkk, it's ke mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi. KUAH! not lauk! haha lawak ok! :p

IRA said...

wakakakakakka seyra! sorry my BM sucks! wakakakakakka ok skarang saye malu wakakakakkakaka

malu. malu. malu.

hey come over laaa! sarees here are incredibly beautiful!

nadia said...

ahahahhaah lauk...ko lapa ke ira...??hahaha

haih...happy for u...tgk korg kua reramai dat time...hav fun!!!!

c.for.coriander said...

i don't blame your mother. i loveeee shopping in india. i wonder why some disagree.:/

IRA said...

nadia: heheh best best!

hazel : agak best la kot shopping sini!hehee mari dtg!