Sunday, December 14, 2008

when we were young :)

i simply miss the old days. i miss my friends back home! i missed muz's 21st birthday celebration a few days back! damn i missed a lot of things okkaayy! i wish i have 'em with me in bangalore! yesss, i can imagine us living together under one roof, sumpah tunggang terbalik!

gawwwwdddd, i just realized one thing. i am less like myself when i'm in bangalore. i am far more independent now. i do a lot of things on my own. i no longer feel awkward if i have to be alone during lunch time and whatnots. it's not that i'm so snobbish that i dun wanna mingle with other people, but really, i dun really have friends who share the same wavelength as mine now in bangalore. not that i'm choosy in friendship, but errmm tah susah nk describe. when the other person doesn't share that chemistry with u, u dun feel the sparks, u dun feel like sharing things, u have to mind ur words, and u can't express everything that u think u need to. get what i mean? but luckily i have some friends that i can consider satu kepala, but very few laaa.

that explains why i behave the way i am now. and that for that reason, i end up missing these people - the high school sweethearts! i'm not gonna write much about u people, because u know the fact that i bloody miss each and everyone of u and yesss, rindu semuanyaaaa! now let the pictures bring back the memories that we share together :D please note that these pictures were taken years ago and forgive us for our selebetness.

damn, how ugly duckling we were! hahaha
fatin's 16th buftday.

night out.
before i left for bangalore.
thanks guys :)

zaman muda-mudi
the usual hanging out place when
we were young and innocent :)
and yes, ain looked innocent.

ni tkleh blah, rambut kene tiup angin cuz we
purposely took the pic dpn kipas.
yes that explains the gedikness.

at chilli's
some time after SPM.
with julie mashita

she was my bedtime story teller
yeah, we talked craps and fell asleep.

and this incident, remember? :D
farah, u're the joker of the day.

nad's lovely artpiece :)
loving it ohhh!

reban = warden, nyonyek = counselor.
nyonyek is derived from babi toNYOK peNYEK.
yeah yeah, that was mean, we know. i know. haha.

at INTEC, farah's place.
the place where i used to go on weekends :)
sneaked in thru satu lubang ni time tgh hujan lebat
tgh2 mlm bute, remember?

ain's crib.
used to be another refuge
of mine on weekends :)

some time after SPM, with muzzy

the night of endless munching and eating

sunday morning, in front of my dorm.
yes, when we were sweet 17.

the sleepover.

i miss u people! cpt laaa i wanna go home!


Anonymous said...

so sweet.

i agree high school is the best-est n fun-est moment.mase tu hormon tgh tak suke buat mcm2 bende giler.
it's hard to replace friends yg betul2 sehati sejiwa.

hope u will reunite with your sweethearts soon k! =D

nadd said...

omg i miss us too. okay, 1stly nak ckp, those pics HODOH. malu jd diri sendiri.x tipu.

secondly, yeah. susah okay nak cari org sama wavelength.

still remember how the rebans attack kita kat hall pasal sms2 from ur mum. and the hp thingy lah, semua benda bodoh, etc. serious. pakai tudung tunggang langgang, eyeshadow purple time dinner (buruk sial) and clubbing tipu2.

rindu okay. and now, kita still gather when semua balik, and do the silly things, like berhimpit dlm satu kereta smbil ckp "kelemahan" and borak and gelak non stop ok. masing2 perangai mcm sial. haha ain perasan hot and kau pun. camwhore lah ape la. rindu gila ok.

sometimes i really2 do miss u guys sampai nk nangis la. x tipu. why entah. sayang gila kot. sumpah sayang gila.

but,now dah lain, we are far frm each other, kena mingle around etc, serious kena make friends, if not sama wavelength pun, at least yg similar lah kan. and serious now pun jd more independent, x nangis dah, x marah x tentu pasal, x tulis notes and letak bwh pintu lecturer if x suka, x tampal benda aneh kat dinding kutuk lecturer. semua tu dah tak. haha

watever pun. be strong, babe! love ya mwa mwa!


Nana Suhaili said...

sometimes it's the best for not talking at all. not because we hate that person but because it's just better off that way! true we can't share whole damn thing with one person. once we click we click and once not never will be anyway. so, the best way is ignorance and silence. ;)

Nana Suhaili said...

& trust me it's not even easy to deal with it.

zulreza said...

saya juga selalu berseorangan..kerana itu mungkin yang terbaik

IRA said...

anonymous : i kinda know who u are. from the way u write laa. mind telling? hahahah, btw yes, high school, or particularly girls school sgt best :) hm, friends sehati sejiwa are hard to find. missing em badly.

nadd : wakakakaka malu sgt kan. but i lost most of the pics tlg la sape2 yg still hv dat cd, please preserve all the pics. the stories with rebans tu cam very legendary ok! will never be forgotten laa! missing the old daysss kannn? kalau nk recap balik everything we did back then, mmg smpai esok pagi pon tak ckup la kan. haisshh rindu amat.

talking about being independent, it reminds me of one silly thing nad. igt tak kau nangis cam org gile sbb kene mop dorm? wakakakakakkaakkakaka so immature nk mati! wahhaahahahah love u babeee!

nana : silence and ignorance are very crucial sometimes! those 2 things are the ones that keep me going up till now :) and when u say it's not easy, yup i feel it too! :D

IRA said...

reza : ehhh, awak slalu sorang keee pon?cam tak jeee time kat kms dulu! hahah RASENYE laa!

naddow said...

ok, aku pernah menangis sebab kena mop dorm? x ingat langsungg wakakkakaka *gelak golek-golek*


Anonymous said...

ira u think u know me..but u i know u.u kinda like a far away friend of mine la.kwn di alam maya one of ur reader..bkn nak jd stalker ke's just dat i like to read blogs.n ur's is one of my fav.ur childhood reminds me of mine.if u dont like me to soo sorry.i tak comment dah pasni k.take care girl. =D

p/s:im a female.not a dont b afraid.

IRA said...

anonymous : hahahah i was just guessing coz the way u write is similar to one of my friend's. wah, my childhood reminds me of urs?how is that possible?btw, i've no problems about u leaving any comments etc, ur welcome to do so :) thanks for reading!

Anonymous said...

hey gambar u ngan muzz tue! kamu sungguh bulat! hahaha...wish i met u sooner so i can take pic or ur bulatness face! :p....really miss u...i know wut u feel's like, so many ppl around but nothing is d same wif the besties u have back home...years of grueling life 2gether aite? hahaha...let's hang out with ur frens when we're in mesia k syg?...i love u :D +azar+
p/s: dont clicks, sparks!.....n dont b shy anonymous, be friend tell name if u dnt mind...hehe

IRA said...

baby : ye saye bulat, ade masalah ke awak? ahahaha yeah miss em a lot! :(