Saturday, December 20, 2008

simply because . . .

once upon a time in KMS...

p/s : dunno why i luv dis picture. i just think my boyfriend (central)
looks irresistably comel in this picture. hahaha.
that's what I think, and i don't expect u
to think the same, of course ;p

p/s II : the other guys are my friends. 2 of 'em are
still single. interested? call me. hahahaha. ;p

i miss my faraway boyfriend :(
i miss mohd azar syazwan


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

from all d pics y u have to put dis one on d world wide web? i repeat, d world wide web????? macho giler kot...hahaha...i miss u too dear...very much indeed...n i love it when u said cmnie 'marah tau'...hihihihi love it! geram!...y i didnt talk to u time in kms is stil remains mystery...if i was, we'll have many pics togetber kan syg?...d time i spent alone just make me feel i want u close to me even more n more...jiwa ini kosong tanpa kamu disisi....