Monday, December 1, 2008

perfect drug

i was having some sort of emotional breakdown lately. i get irritated and emotionally disturbed easily. yes, my heart is missing some pieces. the loved ones! the family, the besties and the sweetheart!

and i was lucky enough to have the whole weekend with my little dinosour :) he came all the way from manipal to bangalore! loving itttttttttttttt!!! and he is my drug. the drug that kiss away the emotional imbalance. :D perfect drug i would call.

babyku and babymu
my little dinosour is getting fatterrrrr! but i love him fat so i can pinch all his lemak2 :D and ohhh, he won't stop showing off his biceps and triceps hahahah *bangga laa tu!*

my little dinosour loves to eat :D
and his appetite is beyond everything else. kuat mkn nihhh!

my little dinosour is so comel lahhh!
it's been 2 months since we last met. well, we are supposed to meet on february '09 but jgn harap lahhh cuz i misss him damn muchhhh and he misses me tooo so he came over hehe and after my trip to new delhi in december i'll be going to manipal for the whole 1 week :D i'll be his cook for the whole 1 week to make sure that he is well nourished! hahahah

messy messy him
can't u tell? i love it when he's around. thanks little dinosour for coming. i know the bus ride suck big time but u came anyway. thanks a lot babykuuuu! i love u so so so muchhh! and having you around is the best damn thing :) because you complete me.

and lucky lucky me


kikolala said...

ira kau mcm dh kurus.

IRA said...

wahahahahhaha sebnanye tak langsung!tp tkpe, janji nmpak cam kurus ok la kan! ahaha

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