Tuesday, November 3, 2009

true love?

So the girls and me were discussing about true love in twitter. You see, twitter is really addictive lately. And so the topic leaves me to think what true love really mean to me, and how true is true love. Am not so sure if I can put it in words perfectly because there are things words fail to describe but anyway, here am I trying.

True love is like drugs,
It takes you high, relieves you from pain and sorrow that you're facing, the more love you get the happier you are, but once the love is gone, you'll search for it, u'll do anything to get it back, u'll cry for it to come back, the absence makes u suffer, the absence crushes your heart so bad, u feel like u've lost the most important thing in ur life.

that's why there's a limit to the dosage of drugs to be consumed, love overdose leads to dependance. too much love can be a real pleasure, but too much love eats u from the inside. true love always hurt. true love reveals the sensitive part of u, u become so vulnerable that everything that ur partner does gives an impact to you. even a single insignificant word can blow you up, because he's ur true love.

true love doesn't pretend. true love is when you're happy just being urself. true love doesn't need you to change to impress, true love doesn't simply fade even after seeing the worst of ur partner, even after he humiliate himself, even after he does that thing u hate, true love doesn't come to an ideal boyfriend u've been dreaming of.

true love is when u're willing to live with his weaknesses, willing to endure the hardship together with that smile in ur face, true love doesn't bore you, true love is not found, it is built.

true love is when u don't get enough for ur other half, when you hate his annoying jokes but u'll miss it when he behaves, true love is when listening to certain songs drives you to think of him, it is when you are like a lost child searching for his parents when u suddenly smell his perfume, true love is when your heart stops beating when he walks away.

true love can never be replaced. true love conquers a portion of ur heart even after it's over. simply said, true love is something that will mess up ur life.

p/s : this is yet the hardest thing to be described in words, yes that's what i can conclude after my attempt to describe true love, it's tougher than i thought.


muzlifah said...

true love messes with your head and your heart. and makes you do coocoo things that you never imagined yourself doing in a million years. true love hurts. i think u perfectly described true love ira.. :(( i miss u.

IRA said...

babe, hang in there! misss u toooo darlinggggggggg~ :(