Sunday, November 22, 2009

karma will haunt u

i've been sooooo busy this past few weeks. been busy with studies (mainly ;p), dinner(s) and doing things that i love! and i must say that though i'm stucked here in india (the last place u wannna go), i'm blessed with friends whom i can trust, rely on, and most importantly, satu kepalaaaaa!! satu kepala is like very crucial or else i'll die of boredom here! so yeah, really love these people <3 u know who u are :D

so btw, had a dinner at baptist hospital last nite. the dinner is meant to celebrate our juniors, the newcomers of baptist hospital students. i must say i'm amazed with the effort done by the doctors. but what disappoints me the most (and maybe the docs?) was the poor feedback from the students. okay seriously, tak ramai yg pegi. and that's so sad okay considering the effort done by the docs siap panggil catering, pasang khemah, letak balloons all over the khemah, they even invited some special guests and some of them actually prepared themselves to do a performance!!!

are the students too busy to attend such a meaningful yearly event? hello, the docs are BUSIER than we students and yet they can still make some time to celebrate us, i repeat, CELEBRATE US and still some students don't appreciate that!

for god's sake they have better things to do other than celebrating us students tapi they did it anyway (coz they love the students?) tapi the students don't even bother to come. lagi seronok duduk dekat rumah bungkus diri dalam selimut sambil tengok cerita dkt laptop etc etc. hah.

i mean, just think this way la kan. katekan u buat birthday party, u ajak 100 people and dah estimate makanan for 100 people, but turns out only 20 people came, sedih kot. buang makanan camtu je. or worst case scenario, u're getting married, ajak 1000 orang, yg datang not even half, sedih kot. anyone believe in karma? huuu, just wait.

susah ah kalau semua benda pun kau nak boikot, semua benda pun kau malas involve. nanti kau mati, orang boikot tanak mandikan mayat kau baru tau. to me, tanak involve and nak memboikot2 tu agak2 la jugak.

and bila the uni buat event yg memerlukan co-operation from the whole batch, pergh, tell me berapa orang yg sanggup co-operate? i remember my zaman sekolah dulu, bila ada event ke apa ade je orang yg volunteer nak buat kerja tu ini. u dun have to beg to ask for people's co-operation. that's the best part of high school! kalau performance tu, ramai gile kot orang volunteer nak perform siap kena ada audition dulu to pick the best performance utk perform masa event tu. that shows that we really did enjoy our high school!

but my batch is not that bad afterall. at least half of the batch is still willing to co-operate and that's a big relief :D i like! but some are still so sombong not to mingle with the rest of the batch-mates to help work things out. well, i assume u have BETTER things to do and that mingling with others is the last thing u want to do.

as for me, this is an opportunity for me to get closer with others. duh we all know semua orang ade clique sendiri but hello, that doesn't mean u can't co-operate and baik2 dgn orang lain right? so bila lagi? takkan geng kau 3 orang lepas tu kau nak mengadap muka 3 orang tu je sampai abis blaja nanti. or takkan sebab kau ada bf/gf dekat sini, kau nak mengadap muka bf/gf kau je sampai abis blaja. lol. borrrrinnngggg *yawn*

okay, i think i've membebel-ed enough. i know i can be a makcik sometimes. so just bear with this makcik's opinion. afterall, this is the makcik's blog so yeah.

p/s : i feel like posting some pics but this laptop is so lembap seperti kura2 so nanti la.


irfanjusoh said...

I do agree with you even though I admit I fail to volunteer sometimes.but yang mingle tu betul laa kan.some people susah nak mix around with people outside of their clique.and when you do,sometime siap ada yang perli lagi.macam babi je.kan?tak ke?

Anonymous said...

ada certain org susah nk bergaul dgn org lain bukan sbb dier sombong or antisocial ke apa...maybe dier mmg jenis yg x reti nk start conversation dgn org yg dier x biasa...jgn la nk terus2 kata org yg x bergaul dgn suma org tu sombong...
n kalau betul la ko ni jenis yg 'fiendly' sgt , apa kate ko yg try tegur bdk2 yg ko kate sombong sngt tu...try berkwn ngan diorg...then bru la bleh nk judge...kalau ko sendiri pon x pernah nk tegur diorg or senyum ke apa...maybe dimata diorg ko pon sombong n

lg satu, kalau berkwn dgn org yg kte xleh nk masuk or x sekepala...pastu in the end msg2 sakit hati n gaduh2 ke apa...lg baik x tegur dr awal drpd nanti gaduh2 or kutuk2 sesame sendiri...
baik buat hal masing2 jgn masuk campur hal org...

IRA said...

irfan : (okay it's weird calling u irfan when most of ur frens call u paki) hahahaha btw, kau kena perli bila lepak dgn budak surau ke? ;p hehehe (oopppsss i terperli ke? hehe kidding!)

anonymous : erm im sorry if u get offended. what i meant by sombong is when orang dah tegur pun kau mcm nak tak nak layan. like that. i admit people always get the wrong impression about me being sombong but try me, talk to me, and then u can judge me.

and ooppss, i tak pernah tegur or senyum? gotta be kidding man. i selalu senyum org tak senyum balik kat i ade la. but anyhow, i am no angel. i wont say im right and ure wrong, but at least, i cant remember buat muka ketat if orang tegur i and nak borak2 with me or mintak tlg dekat i.

and btw, ure right bila org tu tak sekepala dengan kita, we tend to sakit hati and end up kutuk2 belakang. but tegur menegur, senyum2, and tolong menolong wont lead to that. kalau kau tak satu kepala dengan aminah, doesnt mean kau tak boleh tegur dia at all. that's my opinion. thanks for reading btw.

Anonymous said...

i agree both with anonymous and u ira..

some people "rase" she's friendly enough and tak tarik muka ketat.but if u can see "this" people buat2 layan n mingle(really??..hmm)..try to look nice and friendly..but later talk bout bad things at back..doesn't it sound familiar,ira?? at this point i agree with u at the right place but smile is important too kan..

ira:hmmm..aggree with u too bout involvement and cooperation..things will become more fun n merrier if everybody join in...take note everybody ok!

IRA said...

Anonymous 2 : well i wont say i dont do that :) dont u do the same? At least we hv the courtesy to tegur menegur etc wpun tak suka, well seperfect mane pun kau, msti ada jugak org tak suka and u cant change the fact. Lets cooperate nxt time around, whoever u are :)

Anonymous said...

me too ano1 and 2...hate budget hot and friendly "girl"...kiss my a**:P lolz!

irfanjusoh said...

hoi.aku bagi genuine opinion koooot!padan muka kau kene dengan dua orang anonymous.hahahaha

IRA said...

Hahaha lek dulu paki, gurau2 sempena raya haji! Lol

Anonymous said...

ade anonymous panas....or shud i say anonymouses?....haha.....ade orang ade pendapat sendiri...bincang elok2 tak yah nk wat ayat pedas ke ape, lg baek letak name....baru macho tp kalau tak macho tak yah la...haha