Monday, November 16, 2009

the weekend

Last weekend was TIRING! My classmates and I had our very first potluck party at my house. The potluck is meant to celebrate the newly appointed members of MSA (Malaysian Students Association) from our class : Md Shah, Ijat and Izz.

And so me and Am were the one responsible for kuih keria and karipap. Believe me buat kuih seconet itu is far more tiring than cooking the main dish for 20 people. Seriously okayyyy! We started at around 12.30 noon, and we got everything done only at 8pm. Not funny!! So the penat! Btw, here's the pics. Courtesy to Ahmad Helmi for the photos.

US waiting for the VIP of the nite ; Ninot and Nadia (cis korg)

spaghetti, satay n kuah kacang, kerabu sotong, mee kuah, ayam masak ape tak tau,
desert tak tau name, kek coklat, KERIA and KARIPAP! ;p

ooopppsss, yg bukan A2 pulak makan dulu! ;p

Zola, Nadia and Sheila

Kami tidak pelahap.

The classmates! (except Yaya and Mai - they're the housemates, that's why. )

And here comes Sunday! Paintball war woot woot! We woke up as early as 7.30am, feeling fresh and healthy (cewah hyperbola semata) and ready to start the war! The war was between ;



and Team Blue won both the games! Awwww, try again Team Red. And wonder what we got as the winning prize? The whole body was aching like God knows what and cherry-red-which-is-turning-blue swelling for those who got hit by the bullet directly. But, the pain was worth the fun. OK yeke? ( I didn't get hit directly anyway )

Remember it this way, at least I get to burn 0.000001% of my fat. Well, AT LEAST. HAHA. And since this is the first time of playing paintball for almost all of us ( reason being playing paintball in Malaysia is freaking expensive ), pardon us for being so jakun and for taking that much pics. OK pictures, you do the talking! Courtesy to Ninot, Joyce and Aina for the pics.

Test berlakon, ternyata I berbakat.


okay ah sumpah poyo gila. kutuk ah.

ini tak poyo. ini mmg gmbar I tgh main.
thanks to Joyce!

All of us!
We have 2 guys with us, Adam and Hugo :D

And the souvenir! It gets bigger in size.

Askar Wataniah.
Girl Power ;p
And for the love of the game, I got myself bedridden for one whole day the next day. It was tooo painful to move. But I'm up for another round of this. LETTTSSSSS!!


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