Thursday, November 12, 2009

i'm a busy woman, tak caya??

Time for some pictures! Long story short, last 2 weeks, we had a dinner with the Industries and Trade Minister, Dato' Mustapha Mohamed at Leela's Palace, Bangalore. Yes, free foood!! I love free food! I need not bore you much about the event, basically, there's a Q & A session with the students (seriously I've no idea what to ask, especially about err, trading?not really my kind of thing), dinner (duh!) and taking pics (double duhhhh!). So here goes the pics ;

i wish it's day time so we'll have a clearer view of the landscape!

it was err, spontaneous. forgive the pose!

dinner! (free food sounds more like it!)

us with Dato' Mustapha

do i need to do the tagging? nah, u know already.

That's about the dinner. Last week, we had our Post-Halloween Party. I (and the rest of the girls) was given short notice bout this party so there was no time to really plan what costume I wanted to wear and all. So I just grabbed whatever I have in my possesion and tadaaaa ; you can either call me an FBI agent or Mrs Smith or oklah detective murahan? LOL. Don't be so kejam okay? Consider our lack of time! Hahahahah. The initial plan was actually to be a female cop, but when I'm all set for the party and look into the mirror, I didn't think I look like one so - that's why. One fun night!
the gothic chick, the retro, Mrs Smith, joker

with the child corpse! (oklah dlm pic tak nampak)

si mati bersama si retard

plus the rockstar and the vampire

all of us! group picture!

allow me? hahaha i love the handmade little hat (it is Mary's hat)
i loveeee!

and that makes me a busy woman! LOL

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bukan tak lalu makan je kt funcction?...ekekeke