Tuesday, November 3, 2009

true love part II

it's almost 1 am in the morning and i'm still wide awake. i'm conscious and lying comfortably on my bed with my laptop on, am oriented to time, space and person. eh eh this is the line we've been using for our history taking in clinics.

for a moment, i'm not satisfied with my previous post about true love because i THINK i have A LOT to write about it but it doesn't comes out right. ahaha, as if i got marks for writing an essay about true love la kan. gosh i'm a sucker for this. i've been listening to all kinds of love problems from friends, be it love triangle, forbidden love etc etc and still i fail to convince myself that love is a bitch.

i mean, yes, love hurts almost everyone in this world. who would step forward and tell me u've never gotten urself hurt when u're in love? isn't it an obvious reason for us all to conclude that love is a bitch? yes it is but still u can't escape love, because in case of love, the heart definitely overrule the head.

we don't choose fall in love, but we're chosen to fall in love. did it ever happen to you that once upon a time when u were a little girl, u made a list of the criteria of your future boyfriend/husband? and u've been listing all the good things in the world like handsome seperti brad pitt, kaya seperti donald trump, beriman seperti nik aziz and the list goes on. oh please don't tell me i'm the only one that make that silly list (most of my childhood girlfriends did the same thing also ;p ) so btw the point is, how many of us really do fall in love with the so-called ideal boyfriend?

there's no such thing as an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend when u fall in love. even if you found an ideal guy, love won't develop instantaneously. because love is not found, love is built.

sometimes, the heart choose a loser over a perfect guy u've been dreaming all your life, simply because love is a bitch. sometimes, u choose to stay after he ruined ur life, simply because love is a bitch. sometimes, you choose to keep giving when all he does is taking, simply because love is a bitch.

i'm hating the way love is treating some people. i really do.


Anonymous said...

cinta dye dgn spenuh hati n penuh kseh syg..wlaupon akn rse t'seksa, tp believe me itu la da only 1 dat can complete ur life...right?

AINA NADIA said...

yeah!!lets say it!!!love is bitch!!hahaha...yup we are chosen to fall in love not otherwise...btw...im one of those millions girls who made that stupid list too....hahaha....damnnn~~~:p

AreDa said...

hahaa...love this entry..
sgt betul what u said...*wink*

IRA said...

anonymous : is that a general statement? heheh just wanna be sure ;p

aina : ahahahah kita serupa! apekah yg ada dlm list kau? ;p

areda : hehe thanks :D

AINA NADIA said...

mane leh cite kat sinih...t ade org trase plak..muahahaha

IRA said...

lol aina!

LinA Shabbir said...

sy quote some of ur words in my fb satus..wif credits,of coz :)

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