Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

No matter how busy we are, we'll still have time to judge other people and no matter how wrong we are, we'll still think we have the right to judge other people. I think it's normal to judge because we all do it.

The only one thing I think is wrong about judging is to judge our own best friends. Because most of the time, best friends know more about you than your boyfriend does. Well at least that's true enough for me. I sure share a lot of things with my boyfriend, but with best friends, there's just no limit to what I wanna share.

Nobody's really an angel at heart. But being an angel with filthy soul is not something you wanna be proud of. You don't share your dirty little secrets with the public, you share it only with your best friends, because you trust them, because best friends don't judge.

The whole world has been acting like they're the judges and that's already depressing enough. The least thing you could do is not to add up some more to the one you call best friend :)


Anonymous said...

i loike this post!!betul sangat..kite sume ade our dark moment..sejarah u wrote,its miserable enough to have the whole world to judge u,if bestfriend did the same thing..camner nk idop??

IRA said...

thank you anonymous :) yes, u really get my point!

Anonymous said...

so true ! i love the way u put it in words... :)
i agree it totally but it sucks to the max when ur bestfriend judge u tho.. :)

IRA said...

thank you anonymous :) yes, it sucks to have a best friend who judge you..

Anonymous said...

my besfren xde sorg pon nk jd judge.. sume nak jadi lawyer