Thursday, September 2, 2010

me, lately.

i need to save as much money as i could for next year's big mission! i am going on a vacation with my best friendssss!! nothing is confirmed just yet but julie and ika are going to buy their flight tix very very soon so i'm assuming everything's gonna run smoothly! in the meantime, i'm hoping that nadd and fatin get their schedule asap so they too can buy the flight tix and join us! about muz, i wish she could just cancel or postpone her trip to phuket and join us. well, we'll see how it goes.

i'm all excited about this! helloooo vacation with best friends is something we've been dreaming since high school! and no we're not talking about vacation to pulau perhentian or tioman or singapore or the jiran tetangga. heee. but i shall announce the places to go once everything is confirmed :D

in the meantime, i'm coping well with LDR. but i gotta cut down a bit on sms and direct phone calls coz dat causes hole(s) in pockets. thanks to skype, we do video-calling almost every night so far hee. in LDR, all you need is effort to keep in touch and trust :) that will suffice the basics la kot. and they say distance makes the heart grows fonder, well well, it's so true in my caseee :)

and ramadhan is ending soon, my batchmates are going back to malaysia to celebrate aidilfitri pretty soon. i'll be here and i still can't believe myself. ira that i know won't wanna stay afar from family especially on festive season la. come on, i went back home EVERY single weekend when i was in KMS, i even went back home when all i got was outing till 6pm when i was in boarding school. and now i didn't even wanna try to go back home for raya? i must be nuts.

and i've been skipping lots of classes lately. especially my surgery posting. malas weyyy. malas satu hal, takde mood jugak. hari ni pun bangun tidur 2pm tu pun sebab lil dinosour msg kalau tak mmg takde semangat nak bangun tidur pun. hahaha. musim kemalasan dah datang la ni. mati la attendance ku. nanti mesti menggelupur nak kene catch up attendance. asal la kau suke men-adventurous-kan hidup kau iraaa!

so, that very much sum up everything bout me and my latest update. haha perlu ke? lol. suke hati la. not really in the mood to really write something. only in the mood to miss people that i love. hehehe.

akhir kata dari saya buat saya sendiri, mari berjimat cermat to the max jangan keluar 1 sen pun! yeayyy! last time masa determine gila kumpul duit, pergh hasilnya memberansangkan. kali ni pasti berjaye lagi! i dun mind takde baju raye kasut raye rambut raye janji aku kaye time vacation nnt ;p hahahah till then, daaa!


Diloz said...

hot-hot belaka!


IRA said...

hahah thank you ;p