Monday, September 20, 2010

Hawaiian Birthday Party!!

Sorry for the lack of updates. Been busy ;p no, not studying. Haha. I have sooooo much things pending in my head to be written in this blog but I've been busy doing other things and bila tak busy, the internet connection was being a bitch.

Not gonna write much in this post. Just an update about Sheila's birthday party. It was a hawaiian-themed birthday party at her house. And yes, it was a surprise. I had to put up and act to actually surprise her. And it went well :)

Introducingggg, the birthday girl and me (okay gambar sendiri harus la ada di mana2 sahaja)

And here are the party managers. Mary and I :)

Well we didn't wanna cook because everyone pun dah penat masak untuk raya open house hari tu so we decided to just order some pizzas, and goreng nuggets. That's all =)

And berkugiran with Maryyyyyy....

And berposing-an with birthday girl. Ohhh, yes, saya lah orang yang struggle cari buah kelapa itu. Habis hawaiian aaaaaaaa.

And the backdropppp, all thanks to Ninot, Denin, Am and Husna. I tolong buat 'ALOHA' ;p ok la tu kan, party manager busy buat benda lain ;p

And there were games tooo ; limbo, twister and hula hoop. And ada aktiviti superstitious di mana kami telah mempredict umur kitorang kawin and bilangan anak menggunakan rantai emas saye sendiri. Aktiviti ini telah dikelolakan oleh tok bomoh Denin dan tok bomoh Nadia. Bomoh sesat dekat party hawaiii weiii. But don't worry, it was just for the lol. Nobody believes in it anyway.

And lastly, I gotta take some time off from the internet because I have big exam coming up in 2 days time. But it doesn't feel 'big' at all. All I know is I can't wait for Malaysia!!!!!

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Diloz said...

hot-hot kamu semua.

salam ALOHA!