Wednesday, November 5, 2008

doctor punye cerita

yesterday, i went to Baptist Hospital for my clinical posting. i feel so much like a doctor!!!!! hahahah though i'm just a 2nd year medical student. we've just started our clinical posting at Baptist Hospital and i'm still in that 'jakun' mode, i can't help feeling as if i'm one of the doctors in that hospital, hahah forgive me for my jakunness! and when i go around the hospital with my lab coat on, the patients will start looking at me with piteous face seeking for treatment from me hahahahahha no no! that's just another episode of me daydreaming to become a doctor one day! amin :)

well, we were introduced to a surgeon, Dr. Renol. and guess what, he is sooooo coooooool! i fall in love with him! i mean, i fall in love with his passion as a surgeon. the first module of my clinical posting is surgery and he'll be the one in charge to teach us surgery. seriously, i can't wait. or is this a normal symptom of learning a new thing? ahahaha, i HOPE this enthusiasm doesn't fade after some time. i HOPE it'll remain there. oh yes, Dr Renol is fun, but he's so serious while teaching. that's because he emphasized so much that the responsibility as a doctor is VERY big. doctors play with people's life. and therefore, when it comes to study, we MUST take it seriously. yes, he's right. and at this very moment, i kinda fall in love more deeply with the field i'm in - medicine. and i can't wait to become a doctor. *waahhhh! is this really me??*

tomorrow i'll be going to the hospital again. we'll have our clinical posting every alternate day. i can't wait to deal with real living patients. yeah i mean, before dis, i only get to dissect the cadaver(mayat) and i can't wait to do that on living human being. *am not sure if we ever get to do this in the near future* btw, let's just hope.

oh remember about the radiating chest pain that i've been feeling all this while? yesterday, i finally went to see a doctor *setelah dibrain wash by azar* i told the doctor about the pain i've been feeling. i told him that the pain radiates to my left arm and in fact, i felt a little pain on my left forearm as well! the bad thing about being a medical student is, you can guess your own illness and it's damn scary mannnnn!!! chest pain which radiates to the left arm is the symptom of angina pectoris (which can lead to coronary heart disease) and i can't stop thinking if i'm having one!!ergghhh

as expected, i was then required to do get my ECG done. *ECG is electro cardiogram, to check for ur heart activity* seriously, it has never cross my mind that i would ever have to get myself all wired with that scary machine. then, the data was printed and i scrutinized the data, based from what i know, it looked normal but i wasn't all convinced *yela, mane tau ilmu tak cukup* so i went back to the doctor's office together with the data. he analyzed the data, and i was praying hard that my heart is normal.

"ur heart is normal", finally, he said that.

sumpah, senyum sendiri sampai ke telinga. rase nk lompat2 serious tak tipu.

"so what's the problem?what causes the pain i'm feeling?", i asked the doc with curiousity.

"your heart is normal, so there's no problem with you", that was really annoying! i get it that my heart is normal. but there must be something else that causes the pain. that's what i want to know! *geram!!* but i just kept silent. *sumpah geram!*

i walked off from his office with the medication recommendation from him. though i felt annoyed, at least was relieved to know that my ECG result was normal. i went straight to the pharmacy to get my medication and back home afterwards. at home, i checked the tablets that i got. guess what, it was PARACETAMOL and there was another tablets *ape tah name die!*. but PARACETAMOL? oh doctor ni sakit kot? i don't think i need paracetamol *or famously known as panadol* sumpah, dahla geram tak dpt tau the real cause of my pain, and now he gave me panadol which i already have tons! ergghhh! what a doctor! panadol for chest pain, sooo cooool!!

i swear i dun wanna be a doctor like him. just because my ECG is normal, it doesn't change the fact that i do feel the pain on my chest. i dun want my patients to regret seeing me. conclusion is, i have to be serious in my studies, from now on. *yes i will!* hahahaha i will, i will. i may not look serious enough, but well, i will be serious in my studies after this.

that's all for now.


perempuan cerdas said...

oh bukan paracetamol adalah analgesic antipyretic so boleh utk sakit jugak kn? akkaka aku x tauu. ckp jee. haha


Anonymous said...

*brained was by azar?*....did u knowits insanely hard for me to convince uto see doctor?....hahaha...but lege u ikut gak nasihat i...told u nothing nk study kuat ek? bagus3 yg penting niat...walaupun at dis very moment i know u r on bed! u!!!

IRA said...

nad : tak kalau stakat paracetamol baik tak payah kott??tak keee? jhahaha

baby : baiklah encik. saye dh pegi pon jmpe doctor! ;p