Thursday, November 20, 2008

the tickets. the classes. the couples.

it's been a while since i last update about myself. errr, where to start?

first thing first, flight tickets from bangalore to new delhi for me and my family dah settle. but still i need to have further discussion with the travel agency about the hotel and how to get around in delhi. we definitely gonna hit taj mahal by the end of this year! the weather is expected to be cool (max is 20 degree celcius kot?) and a friend of mine said that seeing taj mahal is like seeing a hugeee postcard, heee i can't wait! my mom plak dh ckp awal2 die nk shop for sarees to make baju kurung etc etc. well, woman, biase ar tuu! hahahah

next, what am i up to these days? lectures and clinical posting. i just couldn't make my life more interesting at this moment. especially now that i desperately need to save up some money hahahah. lectures are of no fun, exception to forensic medicine lecture. yeah i do find it interesting. imagine u found a dead body, and u cant even tell whether the dead body belongs to a man or woman, which race, age etc etc. but with forensic medicine, all these informations are possible to obtain! coool kan? i mean, it may not sound dat coool to u but once u go through the books and listen to the lectures, it is coool. even a single tattoo mark can tell u a lot of information. hahaha the rest? pharmacology - yucks. microbiology - so so laahh. pathology - best best! but pharmacology mmg cannot go laaa...

oh clinical posting, i'm loving it. most of my friends find it boring and tiring. well, it is tiring, but to me it is damn interesting man! i get to deal with real patients. i get to diagnose people. i get to see patients with splenomegaly(enlargement of spleen), hepatomegaly(enlargement of liver), thyroid swelling, ulceration, hernia etc etc. ahhh sooo coool! and taking up medicine is definitely not a mistake. i love it totally.

imagine if i were to take engineering?
pergh, gile ape. physics mmg cannot go la.

too much figures will definitely make me go mad, though i love mathematics. *yes, i was about to take up this field*

again, too much numbers, boring.

gosh, i suck at art. *i specifically mean drawing okay, nk lukis tige segi pon hodoh*

well, i do love to write hmmpphhh.. or

oh oh a big YES! no no i dun have golden voice but i love singing and i love to play guitar *gosh, dh lame gile tk main and my fingertips pon dh kembali lembut okkkaayy! hahaha*

hahaha nak nak!

oh whatever, i guess i'm destined to serve the nation as a doctor. insyaAllah. :)

i guess im a total lonesome here in bangalore. it's not like i dun have friends or what. but i would say a large number of malaysian students kat sini are romantically attached dgn student kat sini jugak. there's every chance to see couples here and there, tak kire la, senior ke, my batch ker, junior ke..bersepah! and my boyfriend is like sooooo faraway! when orang lain buat keje together, study same, pegi class same2, kluar jalan same2, teman each other pegi bayar bil la pegi pasar la draw duit kat bank la, i do it all alone. fine, tkde la everything pon buat sorang2, but i'm not the type who likes to depend on other ppl if i wanna do something, so i dun mind la buat bnde tu sendiri n sorang2. but, but bile tgh sorang2 skali ternmpak plak 2-3 couples at the same time tgh suke2 ria, rase lain mcm ar. pnah rase tak? cam rase, geram pon ade, tension pon ade, jeles pon ade.

earlier this day, i went to the bank nk buat demand draft utk bayar sewa umah. dhla bank tu jauh, jln la kaki sorang2. ditemani my mp4 semate2. pstu tak pnah plak buat DD ni, so cam terkapai2 sorang2 kat bank tu but settle la gak at last. but time tgh terkapai2 tu la i saw a few couples, pegi bank same2, naik motor siap. aku nie, jln kaki sorang2 je. tp i berjaye la buat muke kental, muke tkde hal. padahal.........waaaaaaaaaaa. jeles jeles! dush dush!

well, i guess that sum up everything for today, and a few days back. nothing really interesting kan? heheheh till then, bubbbye!

p/s : this is the song yg teman kite time jln sorang2 pegi bank tadi, dedicated to my little dinosour! i so miss u! :(


Anonymous said...

there she goes again....dreaming dlm dunia u said doctor will just suit u grateful actly...if u didnt take medic how can i meet u, rite sayang? love u so dinasour ckp die suke lag yg awak bg tue...nnti die nk bg present...hihihi....+azar+

wanee said...

i agree that accounting is dead boring! and forensics sounds cool...
physics pun not my strong point (and hell why amek engineering i dnt knw), tho chem eng interests me n i hope it'll b d best for me jst like being a doc the best for u =)

p/s- nnt in future i need a doc i cari u eh..:P

Anonymous said...

.i agree totally....
when ur apart from ur love ones kinda trigger in ur heart, some feeling of jealousy n annoyed when u them hahaha..but then when u remember "him"u could just smile ahead...coz i've been there and done that..heheh..all the best in ur love .serving the nation..:)god bless!

IRA said...

wanee : surely it'll be the best for u cuz u're chosen to do it rite? heheh bole bole..kene book i awal2 wakakakakaka (mcm hot stuff je!) oh yes forensic best gile..

anonymous : wow.u've been there and done with it :) hebat! hope i cn make it thru, just like u! thanks for the wish anyway! :)

azar : ok saye nk pilih hadiah okkk!

muhamad afiq bahrim said...

hoho to be an engineer? its beyond my wildest dream.. my english teacher back then recommend me to apply for ASK... i love to cook(i wish i could be a chef!), love to act (in plays etc. etc.),love to draw, and so into movies thingis... (ermm... how can i describe it... i want to produce a film or direct one in the future ,insyaallah on da way)... hahaha the main reason i choose to study in germany ,is that was afraid that 'if' i choose to study in france ,i would not concentrate on my engineering studies, instead i would be learning with those france chef's in restaurants,starting with peeling potatoes.... hahahah
so now i'm stucked here with electrical that i thought would be easy... (like in malaysia) but...
those hope are meant to be crumbled..
its hard... the system is different ...and ... and... and...
enuff sighin' afiq!
oh... its heard to be doin' things alone when our catalyst is soo far away... but as the saying says 'jauh di mata dekat di hati' ngeh ngeh...
hahaha i've learned the knowledge of being of a 'lone ranger' lately.. hahaha
memang geram ar biler tengok couple berbahagia berama... macam lagu 'berdua dengan mu' aca septriasa terningiang2 di telingaku tiap kali, ku rasa kepingin bersama2 ngn pompuan german,ke korea or japan... yang dimana telah kujual mahal kepada mereka... hahaha tapi apakan dayaku hehehe jadi single untuk 4thn sudey, sukar tapi.. paham ar... skang target gua , engage kawen hehehe... senang hahaha
paperpon all the best..
hehe dr. zahira tarmizi and dr. azar syazwan kawaii..!
k the more i write , the more i merepek so...
jom men snow!

muhamad afiq bahrim said...

heard=hard hahaha! misspelling! wegen meine schlechte Eigenschaften ist jetzt mein englisch schon kaputt.
(because of my bad behaviour,now my english is already broken) reason... reason ... reason.. stop giving reasons! or till then you'll be in the same place....... da.....