Saturday, November 15, 2008

how tech allows us to deceive our loved ones.

if u're a regular reader of my blog, u'll realize that most of my posts are basically about me and things that happen around me. today, i'm gonna write about something that is rather informative, and i would say, a little controversial. something that has claim and counter-claim. i regret for not knowing about this when i was doing IB in KMS. if it was the other way round, i surely pick this topic as my TOK(Theory of Knowledge) presentation. hahahah so here goes...

ever heard of hymenoplasty? no? no worries. i'll make it crystal clear to u. hymenoplasty is hymen restoration surgery. it is meant to restore virginity. what's hymen? hymen is a fold of mucosal membrane that covers the external vaginal opening. u get what i mean right? hymen is usually damaged or torn during the first sexual intercourse. and the tearing of hymen is famously believed as an indicator dat a girl is no longer a virgin. yes, it's true to some extent, but hymen can also be damaged through sports, improper usage of tampons etc etc. so, that famous belief doesn't always hold true in all cases .

virginity of a woman is very much valued especially in religion point of view. u don't wanna marry a girl who's no longer a virgin isn't it? so, technology comes with a solution to this. HYMENOPLASTY. it's a medical procedure that allows re-virginization. i'm not gonna go any further with the procedure and all, but this medical procedure has sparked controversy, yes, mainly on its ethical values. and that's what i'm interested about.

mainly, those who seek for hymenoplasty are the ones who are trying to appease religious, cultural and social beliefs. yeah, especially those who are getting married with the hope not to upset the future husband with the fact that she is no longer a virgin. isn't it a form deception? you're about to get married with someone u think u're gonna spend ur whole life with, and yet u're trying to deceive him by undergoing hymenoplasty.

so, what do u think? is it appropriate? is it not? in other case, maybe the girl needs to undergo this controversial medical procedure because her hymen is torn due to sports, horse-riding etc etc (other than sexual intercourse). afraid that she'll be mistaken for a non-virgin, she decides to cover things up with hymenoplasty. partly, i still think that it is a form of deception. but hey, her intention is good. so, what do u think?

in Malaysia, i believe there is no such thing as hymenoplasty (or is it there already?) but this form of business is growing rapidly both in demand and popularity in majority of Middle East countries and Latin America. i personally think that the existence of hymenoplasty brings no good especially to the current and future population. imagine what will happen to the world if every girl can afford to undergo this surgery, financially. i guess, every girl will have a blast during their teenage life, and when they're about to settle down with someone special, they'll re-virginize themselves. poor husband.

on contrary, what if the girl wants to turn a new leaf and leave behind everything she had in the past? if she tells her future husband about the truth, there's every possibility that he can't accept it though she really regret what she did. in this case, is it acceptable to seek for hymenoplasty? i personally think that partly, she has a strong reason. she doesn't want to ruin the relationship, probably with the most ideal guy she ever met. but still, it's another form deception. what we usually call as white lie. what say you?

im not sure if u find this topic interesting. it is, to me. so, what do u think? any comments?


adia_anarris said...

it is interesting for me!!
yes..would absolutely the best topic for ToK la..penuh ngan ethics and religion belief ni..huhu..
i'll comment on this later since nak move out from apartment dah nih..

papai ira..
blaja rajin2.=p

wanee said...

d one thing yg pelik is y guys value sgt virginity but kalo diorng x tu bkn virgin its cool n xpe lak....

dalilahusni said...

wow! i mean wow!
ade jugak bende camni?dari sudut etika,bende ni sgt absurd!kalau die dah buat sex before kawen, dia tetap dah buat!x kisah la selaput dara dah bersambung balik ke tak.still bukan dara dah..

tp bg yang nk sambungkan balik,like u said becoz of sports,whatnots,sy rase tu okayy..just my 2 cents

IRA said...

aida : kan kan! rugi tak tau bout dis awal2 i end up buat psl transexual hahahah..yeah will wait for ur comment ;p

wanee : dats y!!!soooo agreee okay! mcm it's always the women yg kene dis and dat..but diorang tu..dh buat 10 kali pon tkde hal kan!

dilos : yea there is such thing! kite je tak tau..i think i agree with u to those yg the hymen pecah sbb sports etc, i THINK it is acceptable to go for hymenoplasty..but well, the surgeon tkleh plak nk pilih the customers kan? cam..tkleh plak nk restrict, kalau kau punye hymen koyak sbb sexual intercourse, i wont do the surgery to you, and another thing, the customers bole je tipu..haih!

muhamad afiq bahrim said...

hmmm.. . there's so many views on this and i don't know how to put it on words.. hmmmm for me as a , i think its okay for a women to just honestly say that... she's not virgin. its good enough for her to be that honest.. although its after marriage.. in the first night? hmm but not too sure about others... yeah many said that its okay for a guy to be not 'virgin'?hmmm... its not okay actually hahaha very very not... you know... for the americans or europeans they said that they're okay with it , they practised casual sex. so the women will go with everything as long as you didn't lie about the numbers of women you have slept with.okay,okay off the topic.., hmm like dalilahusni said,] before... yeah its like when someone wat the hymenoplasty , it can 'erase' the fact that she's already not virgin . a big no no.
its not like deceiving or something, it's not like guys nowadays are dumb enough not to know bout this thing. hahaha on the other hand ,i just knew about this hymen-oplasty thingis hahaha lol... so when a girl wat this operatio it helps a bit with the psychological thingis of her man... he would have this feeling of uncertainty but ,cools him abit when he sees blood you know... no further comment on that. so, for the ones with the category of tearing their hymen 'gegen' because of sports (horse-backriding ,etc.) its okay. go on.
so here comes the last part, Allah had already guaranteed that,'barangsiapa yang memperbaiki diri mereka, maka aku akan memperbaiki jodoh mereka'.
so, the good ones ,insyaallah, in der wille des Allahs, will end up with the good ones ,and the other way around. So lets start improving ourselves for the results to come. all have been already written accept iman (oder glauben in deutsch). hehehe:)
to ira hahaha sammi cheng!

Lil' Epa said...


IRA said...

afiq : pergh gile la berfalsafah kau ni! syabas! i sooooo agree with the last part tuuu! :) hehehe sammi cheng mengucapkan jutaan time kaseh atas comment kau yg memberansangkan itu! :p 3 jujur rocks!

iefa : awat la u! try again! ;p

muhamad afiq bahrim said...

hahaha maneder beser2 ja(poyo),aku xder blog so aku pnuhkan blog ko la ...
hehehe :o ur welcome sammi!!!!!!!!