Saturday, January 3, 2009

day 2 : shopping + baby's leaving :(

very very late update! i know! i just got back from delhi last nite. taj mahal was fascinating, mesmerizing, mystical, beautiful and wonderful. just like what we usually see in fairy tale. okay, that's all about taj mahal, i'm gonna write more about taj mahal when the pictures are ready to be uploaded :D

day 2 has nothing really interesting to be highlighted. just a continuation of day 1, yes, shopping. the girls shopped for earrings, bangles, indian skirts etc etc. my mom bought skirts for herself and also her friends. yeah, they're still very young at heart hahah. however, my mom prefers commercial street. she finds MG road a little too boring, maybe because MG road is packed with branded outlets which can easily be found in malaysia.

at the end of the day, my baby has to go home :( sad sad. after having dinner at my apartment, he had to make a move, to catch up with the bus to manipal. hmmpphhh. and all of us went to bed early because we need to go to the airport as early as 4 am in the morning the next day.

these are some of the pictures of day 2. enjoy!

in front of my apartment

jahanam la bilik akuuuuu.

auto ride - amir, kak long and little dinosour!

dinner at my apartment

daddy, aisyah and baby

the girls looking for earrings

me and little sister aisyah

auto ride

little dinosour!


~riena~ said...
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~riena~ said...

sgguh seronok!!!!!!!
mahu....pergi...taj mahal...
its gud to hear ur having a blast with ur love ones!! im back to bussiness..hhuhu back to basic...kelas da start.:( happy new year ira!!!hopefully it wud be a great year for you!!