Monday, February 9, 2009

can u relate?

i just started my paediatric posting last week! and yesterday, we had a class on CNS (central nervous system) yeah, my favourite! i love neurology! (been telling the same thing for the upteenth time) it was a 2-hour lecture, yea we almost crack our brain(s) because it was too much to digest within 2 hours time. but what keeps me awake is the topic itself, because i can actually relate it to my brother and the complications that he had during his birth. i almost shed some tears during the lecture.

i'm a big loser in bowling, and yeah he
had fun kalahkan his sister in bowling

CNS concerns with the brain, spinal cord and all the nerves involved. brain develops very rapidly in children and during intra-uterine life (when u're still in ur mother's womb). brain is extremely sensitive to oxygen deprivation (or medically, it is referred to as hypoxia) , and any lack of oxygen may cause permanent damage to the brain or even worse, necrosis in some part of the brain ( necrosis means cell death) that's because some brain cells start dying less than 5 minutes after their oxygen supply is cut!

and this was what happened during the birth of my little brother. he had his umbilical cord wound up all around him causing hypoxia. and the hypoxia causes some damage to some specific areas of his brain and for that reason, he had delayed milestone. he got to gain his walking ability a little later than that of the normal kids and he had hearing difficulties and speech problem.

Alhamdulillah, he can now cope up with his walking ability and he has no physical weakness at all. in fact, he can now drive, even better than me ;p. but what is more profound in my brother is his hearing difficulties and speech problem. but my brother is strong enough to face all his difficulties, really adore him! Allah really is great for giving my brother such strength. he had undergone much of speech therapies before, and there were times when he had to wear a hearing device meant to assist him in his hearing. being him is definitely not easy, but he managed to stay calm and confident :) i love him truly!

as a big sister, of course i wish this thing never happen to him so that he can lead a normal life like a normal boy. but every cloud has a silver lining, no matter how painful and difficult it might seem, there's always hikmah that lies within it. and i believe in that. i believe everything happens for a reason.

my dearest Amir, i love u! :)

my handsome boy


herRoyalCaffeinAddict said...
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herRoyalCaffeinAddict said...

wow it must b enlightening to relate the medical world with real life, for me i will never undrstand any of this :P my elder sis died of sum related birth problem, peparu x fully develop or sumthin..if not i wud have an elder sis..yay

IRA said...

w : hehe and i will never understand any of engineering-related stuff ;p ohhh sorry to hear dat! ur elder sis died during the delivery itself or after some years? takpe2, u'll meet her someday, somewhere! :D