Tuesday, February 3, 2009

i let the cats out.

now i wanna spill everything that i've been feeling all this while! keep in mind that i'm too a normal human being, full of emotions, and i might consciously use offensive words, yes, consciously. u can choose to stop reading now, u know that right?


why the hell some freaking people keep on taking advantage on me? they know the very fact that i dont usually express to the whole wide world when im mad at them, yea i keep silent because i hate to express my anger, at least not to the people that i'm mad at, especially when they're my friends, or close friends, whoever they are. (exception kepada orang india local) and they know the very fact that i can hardly merajuk or buat2 marah and then tanak ckp etc etc, that's so not me okayyyy!!!!! but that doesn't mean that u can keep on taking advantage on me! and yes, i dont know how to order people, really suck at this! i hate to tell people to do this and that because i bloody don't care what u wanna do in ur life but when the things that u do affect the people around u, that's a totally different thing baby! and when i freaking give some hint, some bloody people just ignore it like it's nothing. hello, are u blind or what? or are u deaf?? maybe some people are just simply stupid despite having powerful brain for academic purpose, but when it comes to common sense, gila loser bodoh nak mati.

my silence doesn't mean i'm emotionless! my silence doesnt mean u can play me. and my silence doesn't mean i'm a dead bloody zombie who can never pull a fight with someone else! but my conscious mind tells me that's not the right thing to do and that's why i'm letting u to use ur bloody rusty dusty brain to think and work out for some common sense!! and some brain(s) has really undergone necrosis that u can't even think of a simple common sense and tell you what, i'm sick of that!

i wish i can be super ignorant. i wish i never bother to care about anyone's feelings at all because nobody really care about what i feel. and when i tolerate about certain things, that doesn't mean u can push me to tolerate more and more u monkeyyy!!! where do u live really, in a cave? u have no idea about give and take, are u? maybe u need to take up a class specially meant to teach u human relationship! even monkeys have a better civilisation than u! pity pity pity u!

yea pardon me for my weaknesses. im nothing like u who can simply order people to do this and that. im nothing like u who can pull faces when ur mad at me and hold urself from talking to me. im nothing like u really. this morning i asked for a simple help and u made up stories so that u can escape from helping me(seriously it was the simplest help ever and sgt tak luak kalau tlg ok) i knew it, i mean, it was bloody obvious. if u think of making up a story, do it right so that i wont know and i wont get hurt. though i know u were lying, i can still smile and say nice things to u. see how weak i am?

not just u, u woman. there are a few others. i've no conflicts with these people, really. i hope they too have nothing against me. but their lack of common sense and very ignorant mind hurts me badly sometimes. u may not mean what u do. u may not mean what u say. but why can't u use a little bit of ur brain to analyze ur action and its effects on people around u a little more?

im bloody suffocated now. im not quite sure of what i exactly need at this moment. sometimes, u have to go through things alone and at one point of ur life, u will find that nobody in this world really, i mean, really understand u. yeah, sometimes u need ur time alone to work things up!



ismas said...

i do care about u.. n many more people out there... stay cool n calm baby.. all da best wif ur whateva probs... take care...*hugsnkisses*

herRoyalCaffeinAddict said...

*hugs* coz u seem like u need one.

i would suggest confrontation but sumtimes it makes things worse

--hope u'll b ok

kikolala said...

ermm apa kata kau buat silent treatment?

Naxerul aka BoBo said...

sabar jer la ira...jgan dilayan perasaan tuh...pergi mampos dengan orang yg just selalu bagi excuse..be calm be cool be ok with it!

IRA said...

ismas : yeaaa babyy it wud a lot better if ur hereee! :( ismas can make a difference!

w : *hugss!!* wpun hugs over the net jer ;p knowing the people involved, confrontation will definitely make things worse. i choose not to. waahhh!

kikolala : good thing to do but aku sgt tak bole n tak reti!

naxerul : thanks! heheh

Perempuan cerdas said...

ohh sebab tu farah buat silent treatment? dah faham oh ira dah lama aku x online sbb exam. and kenapa nii??


IRA said...

naddddd errmmm its nothing just little little things which are repeated again n again!

naddd please balik msia time aku balik nnti please please pleaseeee! i misss uuuuu :( :( :(