Saturday, February 28, 2009

march baby :D

it's 1st march 2009, and so i turn 22 today. thanks for all the birthday wishes i got through the phone, sms, facebook, yahoo messenger and some from friendster. especially to my parents who miraculously wished me right on time. ;p yep, very rare occasion. thanks thanks thanks u know u make my day :)

special thanks to my botak boyfriend. i celebrated my birthday with him last night. i love the cake, the foood was superb, and the presents, i love them all :) above all, i love having u next to me. hehehe. mekaseh budak botak. mekaseh banyak2 sangat2 i love u so much! :D

and my besties made a video for me. thanks a lot girls i love it love it love it sampai nangis2 tengok. special thanks to farah who posted the video in her blog. and double triple thanks to all of u girls farah, nad, muz, julie and aenn!! i really do love the video! so sweet! i love love love my babes! :) here's the video ;

please note that this was nad's idea :) u never fail to make my day! hehe

am now a year older. hahahah. 22 and loving it? ;p thanks once again to those who remember my birthday.

p/s : blessed to have the people that i love, and people who love me. couldn't ask for more.


paan terjatuh lagi. said...

happy belated bday!
cute kut kawan-kawan u,wish dalam bentuk video.

elida hanan. said...

babe, happy 22nd birthday!! have a blast one!

~riena~ said...

happy birthday to ue ira..:)
all the best in ur life...
god bless!!
sweet 22...yeahaaa!!

Anonymous said...

happy 22nd!!

IRA said...

thanks u guys! :)