Sunday, February 15, 2009

home sweet home~

yes, i'm going back home sweet home this march. i'm not quite sure why. i have actually promised to myself not to go home until september 2008. and i have quite a number of reasons not to go back ;
  1. because my family had already pay me a visit last december (till 2nd jan)
  2. because the flight tix is ridiculously expensive
  3. because i have my internal assessment examination right after the holiday
  4. because my besties won't be around (farah is going to aussie, nad, zayani and ain won't be in malaysia too :( :( :( )
but the decision is final. i've printed the flight tickets today! will not go back to malaysia by MAS, will be flying with tiger airways instead *which will first stop at singapore* and to KL by air asia. and go back to bangalore by MAS. complicated? i don't care. as long as i can save some money! MAS is sooooo expensive and mind u, i pay the flight tickets on my own. my parents won't be contributing any ;p *oh my dad kate die bole support rm10. ciss!*

and so what's the plan in malaysia? not an interesting topic to be discussed because everyone seems to be busy during my holiday! takpe2, i'll date myself yeay! and the sibblings! :D nothing much can be done in 2 weeks time anyway, and i know this is kinda impossible, but i gotta at least touch and selak a few pages of pathology, pharmacology, forensic and microbiology. yes yes being me, this mission looks extremely impossible!

the old days was a lot simple, compared to what i have to go through now. my boarding school was in KL (seri puteri science school) and my college was just in seremban (kolej mara seremban) and it took me less than 1 hour to reach my home sweet home in shah alam. even when i was in seremban, i knew the meaning of homesick and i did feel that for quite a number of times (rasa nak sepak kan?padahal rumah dekat je!) when i was sick, my dad will come all the way from shah alam to pick me up, even though it was just a typical high fever. he'll do that. now i guess, my homesick is even worse, in fact, it is wayyyyy too terukkk everytime i fall sick. i can't call my dad and ask him to pick me up anymore :( :(

last nite, i had severe severe severe vertigo (kepale pusing2 i couldn't even walk right cuz everything around me was spinning around) i forced myself to sleep but i couldn't until i finally vommit. it gets a little better but the same thing repeated around 3 am. and this morning, i forced myself to go to class (i had pharmacology practical which i already skipped last week) that's quite an achievement u know! if it's not because of the attendance, i would have spend all day in my bed. but i went back after community medicine class because i need to have an adequate rest to go to my dancing class! ahaha the point is, i miss my parents who took care of me when i was sick.

i guess i'm all grown up and it's time for me to take care of myself and stop dreaming about my dad to come and pick me up whenever i get sick. that's so childish. i know i know. pardon me for that. hahahah.
ohh. how i wish i have KTM komuter from bangalore to shah alam. just like seremban and shah alam. life was so simple. now, there's no such thing as simplicity anymore :( distance is getting longer, study is getting harder and i'm getting older.

i miss home! i swear to God i miss home!


nadd said...

awww sedihnyaaaaa. same here!


IRA said...

nadddddddddddddddddddd i know! its hard to be apart from the world u belong to kann? love u baby!