Wednesday, February 4, 2009

new love!!

curious? it's my bollywood dancing classss!!!! yeay clap clap!! before any of u get any sceptical upon hearing this bollywood dancing class, i warn u, bollywood dancing isn't that easy! bollywood dance doesn't mean indian traditional dance yang pakai gelang kaki byk2 pastu hentak2 kaki and goyang2 kepala tu, that's not it. bollywood dance is combination of modern dance with a little touch of indian culture la konon cewah. *main bantai je ni* no really, it's more like a modern dance, what we usually see in modern bollywood movies. and why so sceptical about indian dance anyway? haven't u heard that i love dancing? and i love just any types of dance! be it malay traditional dance, be it latin, be it indian or chinese, modern or traditional, be it hiphop or breakdancing, i just them all, i mean, i love watching people dance. i adore passionate dancers!

i'm not a good dancer though i've got myself involved in all sorts of dance classes before. since i was in primary school up until my college life, i was the all time member of kelab kebudayaan dan kesenian. yeah we rarely find a school/college which provides a modern dance club, of course, they want to preserve our culture to the youngsters. and so, i've done much of malay traditional dance before. when breakdancing was the in-thing back in 2002, i had lots of guy friends who can actually do breakdancing and do what they call freestyles moves. yeah i was very much amazed on how they can actually manage to do that. i remember asking a friend of mine to teach me the basic steps but i surrendered from the very beginning. it was damn tough! hahaha and in high school, i've done a little bit of salsa and cha-cha! and the modern dance! among all, the dance for the song 'objection- by shakira' was my all time favourite!! u see, it has a little bit of tango moves in that song, and it was uberly cool but i can hardly remember the steps anymore, it was few years back!

when i was in KMS, i was the member of traditional dance club. and we had to organize a cultural night where all sorts or dance need to be performed that night. we managed to have dancers for malay traditional dance, indian, chinese and some others i cant remember. but the best dance, i would say, was indian dance! ok sape tgk this cultural night hands up? sape agree indian dance was the best hands up?? and before i came to india, i had a thought of joining indian dancing class, yup long beforeee! after a year of staying here, finally i managed to find a dancing class with reasonable fees, yes, finally here :D

so happy! today was my 1st dance lesson! yesterday i had trial dance class for salsa! salsa was more relaxed and i would say, a lot easier compared to bollywood dance! bollywoood dance was sooooo tiring and sgt meliuk lentok and not to mention, sgt best!!! and belum pape dah lebam sebelah lutut hari ni sebab one of the routines requires me bend down on my knee and since the beat is so fast, so cam nak cpt kan, time step tu terus hentak je kat lutut tuuu! hahah kan dh lebam! but it was cool! at least i got to try something new, something 'indian' *since i am now staying in india!*

okay sebenarnye sgtla penat. u know, i hate sports. sports = torture. but i love dance. dance works the same way as sports in the sense that dance pun bole basah kuyup sebab berpeluh. so at least now i have something to compensate my laziness in sports. okay, i need to rejuvenate myself, nak mandi! after this pengsan kot. hahahah

so for that i conclude my entry for today. i love bollywood dancing class. heeeeeeeee.

*pics are still not available, maybe nnti2 kitorang amek gambar!*


sRuGgle!! said...

hahaha...cisss!!i want to be in too!!hahaha....nak join!!!nak join!!..nak kurus!..nak kurus..lalalal

IRA said...

aina jom laaa! nnti kite buat performance wahahahaha

Anonymous said...

one word 4 u...tuam kaki!!...ok dat's 2 words...hahahaha...miss u missy!

IRA said...

baby : i miss u tooooo! :(