Friday, August 7, 2009

branded little ira

once upon a time when i was about 3-4 years old, i remember i kept insisting my dad to buy me a pair of reebok sneakers. i wanted the shoes so badly that i cried and threw tantrums to him so that he would give up and let me have that pair of shoes. sadly he ignored this little kid's wish because buying a pair of reebok sneakers for a fast-growing kid is not worth the money.

i was sad. but i kept bringing back the topic to him so that my father know how much he break my heart for not buying me what i wanted.

after a week or so, my dad returned home with a pair of sneakers. yes, reebok sneakers. i was beyond happy and that was my favourite sneakers eversince. (hello, other kids my age didn't wear reebok sneakers, no, they don't even know what reebok is)

after years, i came to know that my sneakers was not reebok, it was rikbok. yeah, same pronounciation. that was when i know the right spelling of reebok. oh yes, the trick worked and it became a legendary joke in the family, until now.

the legendary story of branded little ira.

not with my rikbok shoes
now, whenever i go shopping, my dad would say this ;

"pegi la beli baju kat giant jer, standard awak giant jer, dulu pun pakai RIKBOK jee, stylo jugak"

sampai hatimu abah!


Naxerul aka BoBo said...

hahaha..minah rikbok LOL

Lutfi Fadil said...

hahaha...gile lah kcik2 dah brand conscious...ptt la skrg shopaholic!

Amirah Zayanah said...

haha. sweetnye ur dad :)) rikbok sounds better than reebok :P

IRA said...

bobo : yeaahh! kau mat gucci golokss ;p

lutfi : i knowww ;p dari kecik yg gedik kan..wakakakkak

mirah : he is sweeeet.. :D

Anonymous said...

I wear Adibas when I'm little girl...

IRA said...

adibas?hahahahah cam name orang pon ade..hahahah msti bangge dulu2 kannnn!

Merissa K. said...

alaaa comel nyaaa ur dad. heheh. its sort of like a good idea tho. next time nak buat macam tu lah kat my kids(talk about future planning ey).


nanti la, if i jadi buat, ill tell u to say thanks to ur dad. hoho. XD

IRA said...

merissa : yeah i thought about it too..manela tau nnti my daughter mogok nk gucci je..bole la belikan guci or gooci or gucy hahaha for her.. ;p