Thursday, August 20, 2009

how cantik is cantik?

i get it. u wanna know the definition of cantik is it?
cantik is beautiful, gorgeous, pretty.

one fun question u shud try asking people around u (especially to guys) is this ;

when do u think a girl is most beautiful?

it started long time ago when a guy told me that he finds a girl is most beautiful when she's wearing her telekung. i was like, are u serious? no i didn't mean wearing telekung makes a girl looks hodoh but i didn't think it makes u look beautiful either. i thought it was weird, so i started asking people around. (err not just random people mind u, they'll think i'm a crazy bitch trying to look beautiful in their eyes wahahaha, i asked few close guy friends laahhh!)

so they answered. some of the answers that i can recall are these ;
  1. when the girl is so focused and serious doing her work, like doing assignments and all.
  2. when the girl wears baju kurung sekolah without her tudung on.
  3. when the girl is blushing
  4. after the girl is out from the bathroom, smiling with her wet hair.
  5. when the girl wears white coat with her spectacles on
  6. when the girl is playing sports
see! the answers are numerous, some of which u can't even think of. i dun even like looking at myself after playing some sports (which is very rare anyway) because i think i look dirty and busuk. hahahah. and still some weird guys thought it is beautiful. now u really can't tell the exact definition of cantik because it varies from person to person. the human eyes do perceive things differently, and interpret things even more differently. ( yes, we don't look through buffalo's eyes don't we? -inner joke of the day- ;p )

to me, though i'm a girl, i do like to look at beautiful girls. i think this is a normal phenomenon, a girl loves looking at another hot girl is like so normal. yes we are straight. hahahaha. to me, every girl has their own charm, it's a matter of whether or not the girl let it out appropriately or not and that includes her dressing, attitude, social skills and most importantly, intelligence!

a girl is most beautiful when she walks and talks with confidence! that's what i think, provided, she takes good care of her skin (skin color isn't an issue if u have flawless skin) and is someone who loves to smile :D but anyway, don't have to do any of these because u don't want to impress me right? ;p so get ur muscles to do extra work for some sports, get focused on doing ur assignments and blush as much as u can, someone might think u look hot doing any of these ;p

so guys, when do u think a girl is most beautiful? (i'm hoping for more weird answers LOL)

p/s : the nerding mood doesn't turn out to be so nerdy. i studied pathology for less than 30 minutes, that too in front of this old laptop of mine ;p okay lah will study harder tomorrow! janji!