Sunday, August 2, 2009

being me

one of the hardest things (note the plural) for me is to shop for my college attire. yes, those decent tops and loose pants.

because i can't help buying other fancy tops and skinnies and the next thing i know is that i have no penny left in my wallet. blergh.

i've tried so many times, and after so many times i still return home without any decent tops or loose pants. i'm sorry.

that's why u'll see me recycling my baju kurung and the same old long-sleeved (or quarter) tops i've been wearing for years (yes, some are even 5 years old, i kid u not)

afterall, it's just me being truly me :)


Shahril Shuhairi said...

It's good being urself... i like it. Regardless of wat others say...i personally think being urself is the most honest and honorable thing to do. unlike some hypocritical pathetics i found lingering among our very own existence....(err, sori ter-emo)...LOL. ape2 pon...keep it up Ira!!!

IRA said...

of course! why bersusah payah nak jadi orang lain when being urself is the most comfortable thing to do rite? ;p

p/s : haaa, nak gossip jom jom! hahahah

Shahril Shuhairi said...

haaa...gosip ape ira??!! citer laa.. citer laa.. suke gosip2 nih. sok~sek~...huhu

herRoyalCaffeinAddict said...

hahahaha its so often we need to buy certain stufs n we never end up getting what we need but what we want!! like i need a good pair of sneakers but i come back wif endless tops n jeans lol!

IRA said...

wanee : i soooooo agreeee! cant get enough of those ;p