Saturday, August 15, 2009

wish list (edited version)

i really dunno which model is the best but i'm craving for one. preferably with a personal photographer wahahahah ;p to capture every precious moment of mine and my loved ones. please pleaseeeee i want oneeee!

yes i want pink electric guitar but do take me seriously! playing guitar is already a little boyish so i need something to make me look girlish. (alasan takleh blah!) nah, i just think pink guitars are cute! (pink isn't my favourite color, my fav color is red!)

all credit goes to paan, nadd's boyfriend for introducing this to me! floral ibanez! so la the cun! i want one i want one! canteknyeeee diaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!
i've been searching for an affordable eyeshadow set but i couldn't find any. buying an eyeshadow set of unknown brand(or some cheap brand) is a big no no! not because i'm a brand conscious but because i don't want to end up damaging my skin with its harmful contents!

p/s : girls alert! make sure ur lipstick/lipgloss doesn't contain lead because lead is known to cause cancer. some cosmetic brands that are known to contain lead in their lipstick are christian dior, YSL, chanel, red earth, estee lauder, clinique and lancome. click here to read more.


Anonymous said...

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neerna said...

omg!ak pon tgh mencari pallete tuh!bnyakk,sumpah tak bli eyeshadow lain dh klu jmpa that one..heee

aina nadia said...

ninot ira:weh palet tu ko leh order kat ebay jer la..byk da skang!!murah shj!better amek ebay mlaysia sbb takot delivery palet eyeshadow tu pecah..

paan terjatuh lagi. said...

peh wish list

camera - nikon d60 ke d90.

guitar -epiphone semi-hollow pun cun jugak, macam yuna pakai.

ibanez jem77 fp floral pun cun.

IRA said...

ninot : hahah tu pasal kan! tercari2 lagi..

aina : yg kat ebay tu brand ape? mahal ke? nnti2 free aku usha la! tak pun kau belikan la 1 utk bday aku nnti! :P

paan : i sgt lempong about cameras okay! reti jadi model je wahahahahaha ;p i so agreee! epiphone semi hollow tuuuu cun amattt!

IRA said...

paan i've checked ibanez floral tuuuu huaaaa canteknyaaa! mahuuu!

c.for.coriander said...

Waahhh wishlist ni sempena apa wehhh? floral guitar siap:P

rindu rindu.

IRA said...

ni wish list sempena bday aku tahun depan! wahahahha..tkde la..saje2 je..kau hadiah kan laa! ;p

rindu jugakkk! balik raya takk?