Wednesday, August 26, 2009

my baby

YM session with baby ;

me : baby, kalau dapat boarding school, wanna go or not?
baby : NO WAYYY! lagipun mak won't let me go.

woaaahhh! that's a lot of difference! when i was that age (12 years old), my parents were the ones enthusiastic about me going to boarding school. it was an order. i was forced to go to boarding school by my parents, at such a young age.

alrite i understand that a lot of u must have gone to asrama after upsr and survived, shame on me. i refused to go to boarding school after upsr. got an offer to go to one science school in pekan, pahang but to me, it was an offer to hell. i didn't want to go. i wasn't ready. i didn't know how to do the laundry, i can't imagine staying away from parents and i didn't want to separate from my friends.

told ya i was forced. i really was. i gave 1001 reasons why i shouldn't go to boarding school but my parents didn't want to listen to me. i still remember myself menangis melalak like crazy on the stairs sebab mogok tanak pegi asrama masa form 1 but my mom accused me for being degil and mengada and manja, which was so not me hahaahah. (why stairs? i can't remember! but i can still picture drama sadis tersebut)

i was then given an option, to go to the science school in pekan, pahang or to go to sekolah agama in kl. seriously, the option given didn't make anything better, things got worse because i refused to go to both. my parents just don't get it that i want to stay at home and go to daily school like everyone else. and i didn't get it that my parents wanted to get rid of me hahahaha ;p okay la, i was this naughty little girl who used to argue a lot with my mom and do things ikut my immature mind etc etc (i grew up with mak yg sangat sangat garang and i was this girl yg sgt degil according to her so u can imagine how things used to be, maybe that's why she wanted me to go to boarding school)

but hey, miracle happens when u least expecting it. i got appendicitis at the right time, and i had to undergo a surgery for that. i was hospitalized for about a week and the doctor told my parents not to let me do heavy stuffs and not to go for sports. the whole issue about me going to boarding school finally came to an end. i didn't have to go to boarding school, and i was happier than ever ;p. thanks to appendicitis. hahahahaha.

went to boarding school willingly when i was 16. i was ready for a new challenge. and when i say new challenge, i mean it. let's not talk much about the new challenges i had to face in boarding school. to make it short, i survived.

my parents didn't say a word about sending another daughter/son to boarding school after i survived my school years in boarding school. i questioned my mom once about this matter, and the reply that i got was "because u are so much independent than the rest of ur siblings and i know u can survive" aaawwww that's soooo sweeeet! (and she added, "sebab kakak degil so bila duduk asrama u can discipline urself" ooouuuccchhh!) wahahahaha. that's kinda true but the whole asrama thing failed to discipline ur daughter, mom.

everything bout asrama is over and done with. i am now in india and i must tell u living in this poor country isn't easy, gotta be rough and tough to survive ;p pardon me for writing to long. the purpose of this entry is nothing but to wish my baby sister best of luck for her upsr examination that's coming up real soon but i ended up writing an essay about me and boarding school. (the urge to write comes unexpectedly that i kept on writing and writing tau tau je dah panjang)

baby anis, GOOD LUCK in ur UPSR!
i know u can get what u aim for :D all the bestttttt~~~


slacker said...

xpernah masuk asrama pun coz i noe i'll hate it.hahaha

i wuz rite.
i hate kms sbb so 'boarding school' like. HOHO

seyraxo. said...

eeee i rmmbr my memories of my boarding school, sucks gila babs, sumpah it's a superbly amazing thing i survived haha!

xbest lgsg kan? but i gotta say i learned a lot thruout my two yrs there, met a lot of ppl i wud've met anyway in the "real" world, so it was a good exposure. haha

IRA said...

nadia : asrama was a real pain in the ass hahahah yes u will hate it but i never regret going to boarding school because to me it is something to be cherished and tah, the experience and the pain was all worth it :D btw, kms takde la boarding school sgt, so much different kot..

seyra : memula tak best langsung la but bila dah get to know people yg satu kepala and all i think boarding school rocks laaa! yes, was a good exposure, really good hahah.

slacker said...

kms tak mcm boarding school langsung eh?haha.. kalo gitu boarding school LAGILAAA truk eh. i whnk i wont survive.eceh..memandai je padahal x pernah try msuk pun. =p

IRA said...

nadia, hahahah imagine ur life without handphone (if kau dh ade hp la time form 4/5), no laptop (again if u have one) outing only once in 2 weeks (luckily skola aku kat kl je so i can go back home even time outing p/s:outing n pulang bermalam is different) and imagine having wardens yg 3-4 thn dari tua dari kau tp super dengki siap selongkar locker yg kecik tu then bace love letter orang pstu sepah kan atas lantai (ha this is the worst part of my boarding school experience p/s : actly i have a lot more to share bout my wardens wahahaha dendam kesumatku masih tersemat ewah..tak baik dendam2 ;p) so i wont say kms is so much better sbb kms pun college kan..kalau buat perangai cam kitorang budak sekolah mmg aku dh lame kluar la..heheh but they say kms cam mrsm sket..dunno la kan..maybe sbb mara kot ;p

IRA said...

but the best part of boarding school is friendsssssssssss! it's like having sleepover with ur close frens hari hari bole borak2 smpai lebam, camwhore di mana sahaja etc etc. tp daily school best jugak..ade pro and cons for both!

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