Friday, August 28, 2009

si byk bunyik.

lil dinosour : youuu, i think u have to scrub ur face la
me : what? why?
lil dinosour : (pointing at the whiteheads)
me : scrubbing won't do much. kene pegi facial la ade this device that will suck them up.
lil dinosour : ha, bila nak pegi T_T

-let's pray that i get to have free facial treatment from mom. if not dear, mari bawak i pegi facial treatment dan selesaikan segala urusan di kaunter pembayaran wahahaha ;p (since it's ur own request kan ;p)

lil dinosour : bila u nak buat kening lagi?
me : threading?
lil dinosour : aah, ni kening mcm nk sambung dah ni T_T

-okay i usually get it done every other month. haisshhhhh sabar la, sakit tau takkk! tak caya pegi threading bulu ketiak u!

lil dinosour : nape u mcm makin gelap je ni?
me : yekeee? sbb td malam i mimpi pegi holiday dkt desert la kot (sumpah tak tipu)
lil dinosour : (laughing hysterically)

-okay seriously, do i have to apply fair and lovely? do i have to, little dinosour??

okaayyyy, semua bf macam ni keeee? hahahahahaha. he's more conscious about my look more than i do! haaiiissshhhh bahayaaaa niiieeee! and that reminds me of something. we had a discussion in kelas agama when we were in KMS (i totally forgot what the discussion was all about, probably something related to marriage kot, bab perkahwinan in subject agama, think so la) okay my class was combined with his class. and our ustaz sofi was asking a few guys bout their 'wanita idaman' and i remember him asking lil dinosour the same question. here goes ;

ustaz sofi : azar syazwan, wanita idaman awak camane?
lil dinosour : cantik dan independent.
ustaz sofi : cantik?
lil dinosour : aah, tak kesah la. yg penting cantik la.
ustaz sofi : ohh yg penting cantik yee (repeating what he said)

i now think that the answer really do justice because he's the one worried about my whiteheads, about my eyebrow, about my skin tone etc etc. erm erm, yela, will pay extra attention on my look like how u want it wahahahahhaa. haiissshh, kalau tetibe ade jerawat batu kat tgh2 hidung, malas ah nak pegi dating, confirm nnti ade org tu byk bunyik wahahahaha dah dah, he's on his way back home sweet home in msia! haisshh, sabar je la ada bf camnie T_T

si byk bunyik. pukul karang!


kikolala said...

Ouhh I remember you told me abt the kelas agama incident.

Btw, not all boyfriends r like that. But MOST of em are. Tp kf tak. Langsung. Bahahahahhahaha

Anonymous said...

damn you got dimple!!

IRA said...

farah : yeah i know kf! ;p

anonymous : err ye saye. :D seblah je la tapi.

neerna said...

ira,nnti klu ko dh tua nnti,azar nk syg lg tak?hihihi..=p

IRA said...

ninot, ha tu la kan..cane ni? hahaahhaahah

arxar said...

sengal gler abg aku sorang nie