Sunday, December 27, 2009

delete dan undo

i just have too much to write. too many opinion to be shared. too much feeling i couldn't just keep and shut up.

i just dunno where to begin, and if i start it all out, i may not know where to stop.

life is a movie. i wish i could watch my life from the start and tell the director which part of my life has gone wrong. but i'm not God.

God knows what's best for me, and i shall believe whatever he planned for me is for the best.

kalaulah kita boleh control hidup dengan butang 'delete' dan 'undo', i'll be using those 2 buttons sampai hilang tulisan dan tercabut.

weh, tak adventurous la life kalau macam tu.

doink, kau tak tau apa bala adventurous aku dah lalui.

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