Thursday, December 3, 2009

education is not for sale

oh yes i'm still breathing, through my mouth for god's sake!

finally, the lazy me is back. this is what i call heaven, being able to lie comfortably on my bed, with my (ever so lembap) laptop, a regular-sized pizza as dinner and err, stuffy runny nose. looks like heaven doesn't seem so heaven anymore.

great thing is the fever is almost gone. i've been taking paracetamol without fail for the past errr, (let me do the counting) 5 days!! yes, had a intermittend kinda fever since sunday. was fine on monday, but not until the night came and it has been going on till err, today? paracetamol, don't do damage to my liver pls.

i was supposed to have 3 friggin' tests this week. 1 pathology test yesterday, 1 pathology test and 1 microbiology test today. funny thing is, i was up studying microbiology yesternite (note : only microbiology and none from pathology) only to know that the microbiology test is postponed till next week! great! padan muka sendiri sebab study microb je tak study patho, apa bajet superstar in patho?

i guess i'm still a nerd at heart. lol. i actually forced myself to study until the wee hours though i was down with fever and stuffy runny nose. i actually forced myself to go to microb practical when i should be resting at home. okay padahal kena jugak pegi microb for the sake of my attendance kan. padahal 1st test microb dulu i boleh tak study siap berpesta lepas tu markah mcm harem kan. ha amek kau amek kauuu!

okay enough complaining, i'm recovering anyways! home sweet home is 2 weeks away from now. final exam is milessssss away! (lol pls sedar diri) i promise i will sedar by january! yes, not now pls.


Anonymous said...

selamat sehat!!!....cpt sehat k syg so kite leh bakar satay same2 kt manipal!!!...nak jupe u, yeay! yeay!...hehe...jgn malas2, kene score tau!!!...

IRA said...

Thanks love. I dont want to bakar satay! I want free satay pls!