Monday, December 21, 2009

what would you do?

so what would you do, if your best friends hate your boyfriend? or your boyfriend hates your best friends?

so what would you do, if your boyfriend bitches about your best friends to you? and how would you react if your best friends tell you how much they hate your boyfriend.

you love both party, but they hate each other. what would you do?

it happens in real life. i admit i do hate some of my best friends' boyfriend(s), and i must admit i've been in this situation before. it's not easy really.

you can't choose. you just can't. you need both because boyfriend can't replace best friends, and best friends can't replace boyfriend. they're just different.

and what if it happens to you that your sister or brother hates your boyfriend? and they don't bother to make friends with your boyfriend? or what if your boyfriend's sister or brother hates you? or maybe, your boyfriend hates your siblings? how will you deal with this sucky condition?

you can do everything in this world to impress the other family, but what if everything goes unnoticed? what if your effort goes to waste? are you going to put away that ego? are you not?

depressing right?

here comes the worst ever situation.

so what would you do, if your daddy hates your boyfriend? and mummy hates him too. what would you do if your boyfriend can't seem to get along with them both. what would you do? dare to have a sweet escape with him to a faraway land? dare to marry someone without your parents' blessing? so what would you do?

or what if the boyfriend's parents hate you for no concrete reasons? and you've been putting so much effort to ditch the hatred only to know that they hate you even more than before. what would you do?

it's like a dead end. loving someone who is hated by other important people around you is the most terrible situation ever.

so dear best friends, sisters, brothers, dads, moms, you don't wanna see your lovely daughter/friend/sister lives in depression, don't you? just stop the hating. stop the bitching. stop right now.

drama rama. are you not tired of hating each other?

p/s : none of the above is related to my current situation, so yeah, don't get the wrong idea about me.