Tuesday, December 22, 2009

where's everyone?!

just when i thought i'd spend the whole day with my family, the whole family already has their own different plan for today. sigh. can't really blame them, because it's wednesday and you can't expect them (especially the parents) to stay home and melayan anak-anak.

daddy, despite his title as a pensioner, he's still busy, in fact, he's busier now compared to those days when he was serving Bank Negara for erm, almost 30 years? so, the title pensioner doesn't make him a lazy ass, at all. but being a doting father as he is, he never fail to make time for us all. melayan anak beli itu la ini la send us here and there and believe me when i say he is still willing to send me to which ever place i wish to go (to see my frens) since the availability of the car is very much limited to my dad, mom and brother.

and when i woke up this morning (or more precisely, 12 noon), i went to the kitchen hoping to see daging goreng kentang (my fav! which i requested to mom last nite) on the table but unfortunate for me, there's only sardin inside the tudung saji. mummy has already left for meeting or something. yeah, mummy is a busy woman too. she always always always ask me to tag along and get involve with her business but i said no, my time in malaysia is too precious to get involved with errr, business kinda thing. hey, i already have one! i have my saree business tau! ;p

lil brother has also left for some work i bet. lil sister aisyah went out with her friends. baby is out with, erm im not sure, whether she went out with friends or she tagged along with mom. so now, i'm left home alone with sarah who constantly fart at my face but it's okay because i do the same thing to her. lol. can u imagine, she farted the gases out of her body non-stop during her sleep and mind you, i sleep next to her and her back was facing me! aaaaa depresi ok adik macam ni!

so okay, this entry memang takde motif. i'm just bored. i should've planned something with friends but my intention was to stay home and be a good girl since i've been merendek-ing with my besties since 2-3 days back. bad timing bad timing. i should have known when to go out and when to stay home.

miraculously, i didn't shop much this time around. well maybe because half of my income of selling sarees has already gone to this newly-bought mini laptop. aww i can't believe i buy stuffs with the money that i earn on my own :) i feel very much like an adult. and i can't shop unnecessarily because what's more important now is to get myself a new handphone. i've been using handphone pinjam which belongs to my dad (he has one for emergency purpose) because my bloody sony ericcson went dead the moment i reached klia. sumpah tak tipu.

i feel like writing more and i'll catch up with this later. let's watch TV! daaa!