Thursday, December 10, 2009

i need something new

I THINK I'm gonna get myself a new laptop and a new handphone in the near future. I never care much about what gadgets I'm using, I might be using the oldest model of all but I never really give a damn about it. You see, I'm very much a loyal person, even to my belongings. I don't change stuff every other month just to be up-to-date. There's really no need for that, at least not for me.

But my laptop, which is already 4 years old (going 5), is giving me endless headache. Yes, it's the old model of Acer. Who would have thought that I manage to cope up with this beloved laptop of mine till now? Being a careless or more precisely, buta technology like I am, my laptop has been going in and out the computer shop (and some friends yg gempak technology) for already million times! And it is still very much alive, only that again, my laptop requires an urgent treatment which I refuse to give so because I have so many precious files in it and my external harddisc is already running full. Sigh.

Speaking about getting a new laptop, I'm thinking of getting a new handphone too. And I swear not to get anything from Sony Ericsson ever again. Sony Ericsson, to me, is a piece of rubbish. My previous handphones lasted for at least a year, but this Sony Ericsson hasn't yet reached its 1st anniversary with me but has already become a semi-useless one. The keypad doesn't work (note that this isn't the first time) but luckily little dinosour found a way for me to cope up with the keypad, at least for now. He accidentally found out that I can only do the typing on my phone when I slide the phone back in. Okay that's a little leceh but well, I have to sabar with this,

And now, money? Wow wow wow. My parents are not gonna donate any cents to me to get a new laptop and handphone. So arrrggghhh, can I get both in the near future? Considering the fact that I have to save a big portion of my money for some other missions as well. Haish.

I can't wait for weekend. This week has been a tiring week. No wait, actually it was nothing different from the previous week. Every week is a tiring week. But next week, I'll be home sweet home :) can't wait~!

Thanks to Nonie, I'm blogging from her house at the moment. lol. My internet connection has expired 2 days back so it'll need some time to get it renewed. That's all for now. Daaa.


Anonymous said...

sronoknye die da dapat lappy bru!!! deep purple eh?...heheheh....good la, tk yah nk risau2 loading pastue lappy padam...hahaha....nak vaio!!!!

IRA said...

vaio netbook is rm1999 so kumpul la duit so we can exchange laptops ;p yeaaahh! boleh tengok movies lepas ni! wooot wooot!