Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 is history

just a recap of what i've learnt and did and (whatever) in 2009.

  • the fast selling sarees. the saree hunting, though tiring, was really worth it. thanks to those who bought the sarees.
  • i'm outdated when it comes to the latest music played on air. haha.
  • look doesn't count when you're in love.
  • a good listener is hard to find (a good listener respects what you have to say and critics you only when you finish talking, and of course, in a good manner)
  • we don't feel like an adult when we're hanging out with our high school friends. omg we're turning 23 so soon!
  • my little sisters are officially taller (or same) than me. geez.
  • daily school students really do think those ppl from sbp and mrsm are kampung, kasar etc etc.
  • attendance commed is so damn low and i dunno how to catch up. hahaha.
  • sony ericcson suck big time. haha.
  • manipal students are cool and sporting.
  • i never really listen to any microbiology lectures. sumpah.
  • buying 2ndhand goodies is actually not that bad. you get to save a lot of money! but be sure the stuff u're buying is still in good condition.
  • your result is what matters most, the fact that you studied so hard doesn't count anymore.
i thought i have more in mind but i couldn't gather them all at the moment. haha. happy new year everyone, let the past be a meaningful memory to us all :)