Friday, January 22, 2010

kids don't lie

This is a story about a little girl, who used to tell the truth to everyone, and got punished by her mom for telling the truth. Yes, I'm talking about myself.

Situation 1

I was 9 years old. One day, I was absent from the class due to fever (kot?can't really recall but I really was sick) And the next day ;

Ustazah : kenapa awak tak datang semalam?
Me : saye tak sehat, ustazah.
Ustazah : mane MC?
Me : oh, saye takde MC sebab mak saya doctor, dia yang bagi ubat.
Ustazah : awak jangan nak bohong! (hoi ini dah start naik suara bagi satu kelas dengar yg dia nak ckp aku ni memang kaki penipu)
Me : betul la ustazah, mak saye doctor. die yg check saye sakit ape pastu die bagi ubat. bersungguh2 kan explain)
Ustazah : awak jangan nak buat cerita lah!
Me : (sedih)

And when I get home, I told mom what happened, hoping that she would be on my side! (duh, of course she will, I didn't do anything wrong!). And guess what she said ;

Mom : sape suroh ckp mak doctor???!! pepandai jeee (and membebel mcm ustazah dekat sekolah)
Me : (bengang, pahal nak marah lak kan? memang btol kot dia yg bagi ubat sume!)

Little did I know the fact that my mom stated that she was a housewife in the parents form for the school record. Sigh. Patutlah marah. I really dunno why she refused to state that she was working as a doctor instead. And patutlah the ustazah thought I was lying, my mom sendiri yg mengaku housewife in the borang. Tak pasal2 anak kena cop penipu.

Situation 2

It was Ramadhan. I was around ermmm, 7 years like that kot (argh can't recall) and as usual, tak puasa la kan. The most pun puasa half-day. And my mom was on "holiday" so she joined me for lunch and all la kan. And on the evening, I went out to the playground with the kids in my neighbourhood.

Noi : awak puasa takkk??
Me : takkk, awak??
Noi : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, tak puasaaaa! kite puasa!
Me : alaaa takpe laa, mak kite tak puasa gak!
Noi : eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, mak awak pun tak puase?????
Me : a'ah.
Noi : eeeee, mane leh tak puasa, kalau tak puasa dapat dosa tauu. nape mak awak tak puase blablabla (tak igt)
Me : (I was annoyed that she said my mom berdosa sebab tak puasa!)

Maghrib was approaching and so I went back home. I told mom that my friend said 'mak berdosa sebab tak puasa' wahaha (how could I kan? but I was dead innocent I couldn't care less)

Mom : sape suro ckp mak tak puasa??? orang tak puasa ade la sebab diaaa!

and thanks mom for membebel-ing at me without telling me the exact reason why she didn't fast that day. I was left confused and upset (again, sebab kena marah for telling my friend the truth) I didn't know the reason until I was mature enough to understand things on my own. No wonder she was furious about it.

Little kids really do tell the truth, kan?

p/s : sorry mom, u're the victim of my honesty ;p


devilkid said...

aku penah kene marah dengan mak aku sebab bagitau die yg rambut die bau minyak keling...aku rase mak-mak ni memang sensitip lebih la..hahahah

IRA said...

wakakkaakak cube kalau orang cakap mulut kau bau longkang..marah ke senyum? ;p