Saturday, January 30, 2010

please justify this

"find someone who loves you more than you love him"

too many people said so,
pls pls pls.


Anonymous said...

applicable to girls that is. no doubt girls are easy to fall in love. but to find a guy who truely loves u is like one in a million

Anonymous said...

agreed with husnimd..lelaki suke flirt dan tukar2 girlfriend..tapi berape banyak girlfriend pun die ade..he will only have one girl in his heart...siape nak tolak laki macam tu?

Merissa K. said...

i read this postsecret once. it says:

mom always said to marry a man who loves me more than i love him. "that way, he will love you, no matter what." 8 years 3 kids and 10 dress sizes later, my husband still thinks that im the hottest thing alive

that is why. because no matter what, no matter sampai bila pun, if they love you more, theyll always care more and be adamant about keeping you happy for the rest of their lives.

not bad eh?