Tuesday, January 19, 2010

missing in action.

homaigod! been really busy rasa nak buat drama keling bunuh diri dekat train railway belakang rumah sebab stress. can u just imagine, i had to prepare for my study group in weekend, monday ada pharmacology seminar which is equivalent to our weekly (YES, WEEKLY mannn!) assessment, tuesday (tadi) got viva(oral test) on parasitology, tomorrow got pathology tutorial, lusa i got O&G practical test AND pathology tutorial, saturday i probably have O&G theory pulak. and to make everything worse, i have one clinical thesis to be done within 1 month and i dun even have the topic just yet! STRESSS!!!!!!

3rd internal assessment is just 1 month away. then ada 1 week gap je with the final. and the schedule telah dibuat oleh manusia2 yg igt those who are taking the exam are robots, bloody packed okay!

please please doakan all of us pass the exam dengan jayanya. so btw, i pon dah hilang point apa nak tulis about daily school vs boarding school. wahahahah, so i doubt i will continue writing about it, kalau ada pun, bila2 when i'm free kot, which is definitely not in the near future.

so now, i'm gonna crack myself thinking about what topic i should write for my clinical thesis! timing nak sucky kan, orang nak final, kau suro buat thesis, time aku free dulu2 tanak suro pulak (ahaha dasar budak last minute, kau bagi la kerja time bile pon, mesti aku bising ;p )

okay peeps, i might be away from blogging for quite some time kot. cey, rasenye la. need to focus on whats more important :( penatnya!

p/s : no more commed classesss yaww! guilt-free at last! hahahah


AreDa said...

selamat mem"busy"kan diri anda..hehe

ad_nin said...


IRA said...

areda:tq...no fun....huaaaa

denin:ala nak promote blog baru ke?hehe