Saturday, March 6, 2010

3rd IA - done!

okay finished with 3rd internal assessment. i have roughly about 10 more days to go till my final professional exam. *sweating*

i deserve a nite off. yeah. so tonite is the nite. and i shall continue burning the midnite oil tomorrow! hahaha let's hope! and i think i should start doing the packing tooo! yeay i can't wait for europe darling! :D i hope my result won't suck, coz if it does, say byebye to my euro trip!

the results of 3rd internal assessment are out. oh yes it's on the notice board! all i can say is, alhamdulillah! :) though i'm not really that satisfied with my microbiology paper, but erm, oklah i think i deserve that cuz i spent the least time with microb (apart from forensic yg everyone yakin cemerlang) and i won't forgive myself for not flipping thru the histopathology drawings. gggrrr 3 questions on drawings and i freely lose marks on that. damn it damn it. can't forgive myself!

i hate drawing, please note that. dr arathi once told me that i have zero artistic value. wahahahhaa. yes pls, my drawing suck big time. that's why i didn't study the drawings, and damn it i was confident enough that they won't ask for that. padan muka sendiri. 3 drawing okayyy, ternganga gua!

can't wait for all this to end. no more hand pricking for blood, no more dealing with microscope, no more gram staining, just no more!

pray for my health everyone...i dun wanna get sick at this crucial moment. and for the 100th time i'm telling u once again that the exam schedule sucks. so i really need to stay focus and i need all the energy in the world to keep going.

i was redbull-overdosed during the exam week and i failed to sleep for 2 freaking days. though the purpose of me getting drunk with redbull is so that i can stay up all nite to study, i still need my sleep during the day. thanks to redbull, i failed to get even a minute of sleep. miserable okay time tu. hahaha.

i'm not really that kind of person who pulun stay up sampai pagi before the exam day. in fact, i was that person who slept early the nite before the exam. seriously. but medic doesn't allow me to do that. if i did, serious nnti boleh ternganga 90 degrees sebab blur. i remember myself sleeping as early as 10pm before spm, and the same goes during my IB exam. i wish i can still do that now. i guess i can't. aaaaa wish i'm a genius! boleh tidur 24/7 and still perform like orang yg study gila2! huahuhauhaua

ok ok, wish me luck. and till then, my blog akan bersawang lagi. lol. i feel like writing la tapi. tapi tengok lah.

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