Thursday, March 25, 2010

genetically unrelated twins.

Life has been treating me really badly lately. Sometimes, you may have thousands of people around you, but you can't help feeling lonely, desolated and abandoned. Because out of thousands of friends you have on facebook, tell me, how many of them are real? I mean, how many of them are really your friends in real life?

Best friends are not found, you gotta know your friends to call them your best friends. A best friend, to me, is someone who stays with you when the whole world walks out of you. You can lose your friends in a split second, but a best friend won't let you lose him when you needs him the most.

I don't call someone a best friend if she appears to be by my side during my happy hours, and refuses to stick around when I'm at my lowest. Not a good candidate. What if you loses your father and she's not even there to tell you to stay strong and that you can count on her if you need some help. What if?

I don't call someone a best friend if she's afraid to see my success. I don't need a rival as my best friend. A best friend is supposed to be someone who contributes, if not much, maybe a little, to your success. Not someone who feels the need to secretly bring you down. I understand the inferiority of being just a mediocre standing next to a superior best friend who's smarter, hotter, richer or maybe nicer, but that doesn't serve as a ticket for you to bring her down. I mean, yes, siapa tak envy if the best friend has everything that you wish for, I pun reti jealous, but doing things against her doesn't make me any smarter, hotter, richer and not even nicer.

A friend is not a best friend if I can't tell her everything. What's the point of having a best friend if you have to choose what you have to say? OK fine, under some circumstances, and with some people coming from a way different background, you have no choice but to filter things out. But, a friendship is so much fun when you don't have to do that. And a best friend should be able to overcome any gap in between.

And to me, if I'm free to say all the good and especially, all the bad things about you, then I might have considered you as my best friend. Yes I really did. With best friends, takde makan dalam punya. If I feel something is not right, I'll tell them right away, even if that means arguing. Somehow I feel best friend is something like sisters or brothers, we fight and say things we don't mean, but we'll be okay in no time. Kan kan?

And I'm sorry but I don't believe in having just one single best friend throughout my life. The one I met during my childhood time remains, but that doesn't mean I won't find a good friend whom I can consider best friend later in life. Come on, a best friend is not a boyfriend/girlfriend where you are obliged to only have one at a time. But having too many best friends pun tak special jugak. Well well, it's really up to an individual.

Best friends are wonderful creature next to your boyfriend/girlfriend. Reasons for me writing this is because I truly miss my besties back in Malaysia :( and I probably won't be able to meet them for soooo long. And at the same time, I'm so grateful to have wonderful friends over here who keep me going, despite me being boyfriendless, mummyless and daddyless dekat sini.

You guys are simply the best!

p/s : my best friend has to be able to be my partner-in-crime too! it's a must!


anith said...

i misz mu superduperbesfren tooo..
=[ nk blk msia!

IRA said...

babe, i think we should! jom balik malaysia!

Anonymous said...

cool now u r back!

Naxerul aka BoBo said...

im totally agree with u

the best part is, when ur so called bestfriend is really competitive, that sucks!

IRA said...

anonymous : yes :)

bobo : wahahaha itu mmg annoying nak mati! tak payah panggil best friend!

ismas said...

i miss u darling ira.... we r fren 4 eva b, k...:D

ismas said...

i miss u darling ira.... we r fren 4 eva b, k...:D

IRA said...

baby ismas! heheh i miss u tooo! of course, friends forever! u mmg gebu kesayangan i!! muaaxxxx!!!