Saturday, March 20, 2010

somebody turns 23!

Little dinosour is turning 23 this Tuesday! And I'll be having Pathology Paper 1 on his special day :( Masa my birthday pun I had Pathology Paper 1 jugak, coincidence eh?

So, since I'll be busy studying on your birthday, and a day before your birthday (and of course, after the birthday too) I'm taking this opportunity to make an advance birthday wish for youuuu!!

Happy 23rd Birthday sayangggg! Sorry again I can't be there with you to celebrate your birthday on the day itself :( But, I'll make sure I'll be the first to wish you, ok?

We're already 23! wahahahahaha. Mok, I wanna grow old with you :) and to the best thing in the world, these are for you ;


Anonymous said...

sayaaaaaaaaannnnnngggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!......thanx so much for the post and the wish...hehehe...terharu nih, really wish we are near to each other...tue la pasal, my birthday u exam i pon tk dpt smbut ur besday on d day itself gak, i mintak maaf...really happy to read dis post and u know wut?...i wanna grow old with u too!!! :)....papepon, nk igt kn u to study hard for ur last 2 papers tau!! jgn malas2 tau!!! u!!

p/s: sayang kamu!

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