Monday, March 8, 2010

A woman's worth.

"A woman has strength that amaze men. She can handle trouble and carry heavy burden. She holds happiness, love and opinion. She smiles when she feels like screaming, sings when she feels like crying, cries when she's happy and laugh when she's afraid. There's only one thing that is wrong with her, she sometimes forget what she is worth..."

Honestly, I have no idea about Women's Day. Am I really that pathetic? Haha btw, Happy Women's Day to all the beautiful women out there! :) Hey, every woman is beautiful, kan?

Being a woman (wahaha I'm not sure if I deserve to be called one cuz I still feel like a young little girl LOL), I tend to care about the loved ones more than I do about myself. I tend to go on worrying unnecessarily just because I care too much about the people I love. And when the loved ones dream of achieving something, it becomes my dream too. My dream is all about seeing the smile on the faces I care, and love.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who's crazy about taking care of others and let the others be happy and fine and perfectly alright. I believe all the women in the world, though some fail to show it, care a little too much about the people we love. I think it's just, us, it's just, women. There's no woman who doesn't care. No woman who doesn't love. (Unless, u know, if she had some really bad history down the line especially regarding to men taking them for granted etc etc, then yeah, dun blame us, blame those dickless morons!)

So guys, if you have your woman who's there behind your back to watch you rise and shine, to be there for you through high and low, to listen to your every words and most importantly, to be the major reason of you succeeding in this challenging world - just two words for you, CHERISH HER.

Happy Women's Day :)

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Anonymous said...

Samela kita.. tak tau pon ade women's day. Alih2 ada org India mana salah hantar msg tulis "happy women's day" seram..haha