Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i'm back!!!

wowwwww i've made it through!! nothing is better than this feeling! i'm a free woman again woot woot!

just so u know, i lost 2 kgs recently. what else can it be, stress nak exam tu tahap melampau kot? plus our exam memang gila siot schedule. siapa tak determine or cekal or tabah mmg boleh give up or gantung diri half-way. serious. weh percaya laaa, serious tau ni!

what do you expect, syllabus for 1 year and a half kau nak kena mug up everything in a very short time. ha, blame lah orang takde otak yang tanak bagi gap and study leave for us. boleh gila weh. i swear i slept 2 hours the most everynite before the exam day. itu pun masa paper microbiology and pathology, i slept for merely 1 hour je the nite before exam tu.

theory 'tidur kena cukup before exam kalau tak nanti blank' and pesan mummy 'tidur at least 6 hours the day before exam' memang terpaksa diabaikan. i was always a firm believer that i need a good dose of sleep before the exam so that i tak go blank when answering the paper. but i guess i really have to take the risk and stay up all nite for the exam. if not, boleh menggelupur aku tengok soalan nanti tatau nak jawab.

i didn't stay up all nite to get a distinction. ok lah, i did aim for that but given a very limited time (very very limited in fact :( ) getting a big D is far beyond my reach kot. alaa siapa tak aim for the star kan? a pemalas like me pun aim high. even a pemalas like bazilah pun aim high. hahahah okay she's like the best berangan-partner, baru 1st time pergi library 3 days before final dah berangan nak distinction. LOL. and that reminds me soooo much of my nadia ismail! kalau si rajin yang belajar tunggang terbalik dengar kitorang keco2 konon nak distinction mesti dah menyumpah2 tak sedar diri betul perempuan ni dah tau pemalas tu aim pass sudeyh. haha.

ehh, kitorang takde la pemalas tahap dewa kot. cuma kesedaran tu lambat sket lah. and to tell u the truth, i was more prepared for the 3rd IA compared to the final. and 3rd IA cuak lebih compared to final. yelah, after habis 3rd IA, gap tak seberapa terus final. i took roughly about 5 days (kot) honeymoon gila babs tak study for final. not that i didnt want to, but i was just too mentally exhausted to sumbat everything once again back into the brain.

and the worst feeling in the world is when u've read everything (well, almost) and u still feel soooo inadequate to sit for the exam. it's like, you've read a particular topic for more than 3 times already, but u still can't reproduce the perfect answer to score for full mark. hate that feeling.

and i rasa most inadequate and unprepared for microb and patho! perghhh. to me, microb is the hardest subject of all. yes, it's a scoring subject (as most ppl think so), but nak go through reading all the morphology of bacteria, lab diagnosis semua, boleh menangis okay sumpah tak tipu. i'd rather study immunity than bacteriology! BIG YUCKS! i still think doctors don't really need to know everything about microorganisms. and a senior friend of mine pun cakap, once u dah jadi doctor, microbiology adalah subject paling tak membantu dalam hidup seorang doctor. wahahahahah. seee, told u!

anyway, so so so so glad it's over! no more staying up till the wee hours. u have no idea berapa banyak cans of red bull i dah teguk, berapa banyak multi vitamin i dah telan just for the sake to keep me awake and healthy throughout the exam week(s)! little dinosour siap bawak balik red bull from malaysia for me. hahahaha. dia cakap red bull malaysia lagi sedap. LOL. layan je. janji aku stay up.

wahh i've written so much. i misss bloggginggg! hhahahahahahaha. of all the things kan, boleh rindu blogging lak. i miss my babes tooo :( like farah said, things are not the same anymore, everyone's too busy with their life and we now have lesser time to spend together :( i dun wanna grow old tooo fast!

malam ni so the relax la it feels weird not to be with the books wahahahha boleh muntah baca ayat ni. okay now that the exam is over, doakan i pass all the subjects okay? tak nak kena study lagiii! tak mauuuuuu!!!

p/s : i have some medical books to give away. yes, for free lah. but selected books only. nak clear up the book shelf. anyone interested, let me know. (

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