Thursday, September 18, 2008


one of the best thing about my boyfriend is that he's good, really good at making surprises for me :) and yesterday, he came out with another big surprise for me.

he picked me up at my house. uh oh, have i told u that he is now my mom's best buddy? my mom seems to like him sooooo much. in fact, he brought along some kuih raya for my family.soooo nice of u syg! he even asked for my mom's permission to take me out (no one ever did that before!)

he took me to Revolving Restaurant, Federal Hotel. he said that the dinner is meant for our 1st year anniversary celebration. how sweeeet :D and he even get us an anniversary cake from Haagen-Dazs. i love it!!!

thanks darl for the cake :)
We had western cuisine for our dinner treat. the food was scrumptious! a candlelight dinner, scrumptious food, and my baby, i couldn't ask for more! :D it was indeed a perfect night out for me.

my cutie pie

happy me :D
love u more n more! mwahhh~

he's trying his best to be me! - note his pouty lips!

it was 10 pm when we walked out from the Revolving Restaurant. he drove me home safe and sound. upon reaching Shah Alam, we stopped a little while and he suddenly hand over a huge M.A.C paper bag to me. he said, those are for me, for our anniv. i went speechless for a moment! there was a card inside the paper bag. i read the card with him by my side, i was sooooo touched with the content! i swear to God i really was! i dun even know how to say thanks, a hundred thanks won't do. he got me a cute soft toy. we name it Encik Bintang. he said, if u miss me, u can cubit Encik Bintang all u want. hehehe am doing it right now.

u know me best syg, love it!

Encik Bintang, my companion when he's away.

what touches me the most, the card that he gave to me :)

words fail me sometimes. i wish i can describe my feelings perfectly but nope, my happiness is more than this. almost indescribable. to azar syazwan, don't stop loving me :) i need that all the time! 1 year has passed by, let's build more memories together! i'm blessed to have you in my life~ :) loveee ya!mwaahhh xoxo!

as long as forever, i love u syg~!


Anonymous said...

manjeeeeeeeeee.....cepatnye die tulis!!!i've been waiting actly...hehehe...i love u more n more sayang!!!! time goes by i've learn dat i cant live without u...i want u n i will always do...i hope u like what i had planned for happy to hav u by my side n i hope u feel d same...last nite was wonderful...the talking, the walking, the eating...n yeah, dat crazy driving...hahahaha...n last nite sure funny as well as kte lenjan same2 jalan KL...we're sure lucky to found our way home!!!...hahaha...what a nice...thanx manje for soothing me n being wit me for this 1 year...i love u forever sayang...n let's hav more anniversary together!!! =)...with love, azar...

Anonymous said...

encik bintang, i miss my zahirah...can u tell her dat??

nurul_a said...

wahhhhhh best gile!!!!!!!!!!!!!
romantic nye azar!huhu xsangke eheheh..;) serious best. every gurl yg jadik ko, havin a boyf like him mesti bangge gile n happy seyh..layanan spt seorg puteri~=) congrates to u both!!=))
pastu lemah lembut lak tuuu azar ckp...wahhh xsangke!bestnye!;)
ira, (even ko dh tau..)tp tau x..........azar loves u lotsssss n lotssss :))

IRA said...

baby : encik bintang dh bgtau dhhh ;p

syikin : thanks :D heheh

farah said...

azar bukak kursus utk bf2 sedunia pls.

Anonymous said...

thanks syikin...for saying those words for me...hehehe...hope she know it...=)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha...myb u shud run d khursus too bz with my love one =)

IRA said...

farah..hahaha dat's funny!jom bukak kursus utk bf2 sedunia!hahahahahahaha

farah said...

im serious!!! hhahahahah

IRA said...

hahahaha ngokngek!weh farah,where's ur blog la?im waiting!