Thursday, September 4, 2008

when 2 worlds collide~

Do u still remember how things started? It was somewhere around May 2007…when I was at my lowest point…

Mohd Azar Syazwan. I’ve known this guy since 2005, when we both were doing International Baccalaureate programme in KMS. He’s a guy who owns his own world, never really talk to girls, loves basketball so much, messy, very very very quiet and cute! I used to think he’s really cute and mysterious. Hahaha. Yes, I still think about the same thing. (indirect way of saying I was eyeing on him, a bit, when we were im KMS, hahaha)

That’s a picture of him with his happy tummy. I swear to God I never ever talked to him in KMS. Not even a word. And I believe, he’s the only IB guy I’ve never talked to in KMS. It’s funny how I finally hooked up with him.

IB is over and we still never talked to each other till one day. He added me at Yahoo Messenger and yeah, we started a conversation through this YM thingy and everything went fine and casual. He’s like a God-sent angel to me because he came when I was going through the darkest time of my life, when I was at my lowest point. Some might say I broke up with my ex because of him, the real fact is, it was nothing like that. He just happened to be there when I needed someone.

I still remember the time I was warded for some minor surgery, he came all the way from Seremban to Shah Alam to accompany me. Yes, that was the first time we talked to each other face to face. He brought along his little diary and wrote his entry that very night when I was taking a rest in that hospital room. Isn’t it weird? A guy with a diary, to me, he’s really one of a kind. And I can’t help having some strange feelings slipping through my heart. Maybe I liked him, maybe not, maybe it was too fast.

We were close friends until September 2007, we were officially an item. My life is brighter than ever before. He showered me with lots and lots of love. And he is no longer Mr. Quiet, at least not when he’s with me. He brought back the smile on my face and he brought back the joy to me.

We're close to our 1st year anniversary. Thank you baby. For all the love u gave to me, they are to be cherished now and forever. I love you more than ever before and I can’t afford to lose a guy as nice as you. Don’t walk away, don’t let the love between us fades, and don’t let anyone else tell it’s over between you and me. We have many more years to go, and I hope you will remain strong and will not succumb to the distance that comes between us. I love you, and I will always do.




Anonymous said...

hehehe...very sweet of u sayang...thanks for those words of our story n thanks for dis wonderful one year...our very 1st year together!!!...hope our love will gives us many happy memories for us to cherish together...smpi bile2...hey!! tk salah im having diary...yg tulis kt dalm tue pon pasal awak...hehehe :)...yea d 2 worlds collided, but i dont mind...coz wut it made is actly d universe of our own...i love u so so much! from d day we collided till d end of dak suk!!!....azar

farah said...

alaaa nk org tulis diary abt me jugak!!!

IRA said...

hehehe baby,i know i am..sweet like chocolate kan kan..hahahha

farah,alaaaa kf pon tulis kott...kate kff forever ;p