Tuesday, September 30, 2008

forever love.

i'm in love with my girls. having 'em around is one of the best damn thing. u know why, because we have that chemistry! what we usually call as 'satu kepala'. they're fun people, for god's sake, they really are. i can go weak due to unstoppable laughing, talking, joking and monkeying around. i dunno where else on earth that i can find these people. hehe. *hyperbola di situ* but hey, i mean it :)

aenn is back in town. that's the actual reason for this get-together. as usual, these people from klang, farah and nad, fetched me and aenn at my house. i was the only one fasting, believe me. it was a real disaster because i had to bear with 'em eating in the car. oh yes, let me tell ya, nad was too weak to fast because she had to vacuum the house etc. pity her huh? *cis,pegi mampos!*

next, we waited for fatin outside midvalley and went straight to fetch muz in taman tun. big thanks to farah, we rarely have the opportunity to squeeze in everybody in one car. this time, we did. yeah, very rare occasion. it was fun though!

ika can't make it on time, she has her reasons. the actual plan was to go to bijou bazaar but it was cancelled at the very last minute. so, we planned to go to mont kiara. unfortunate for us, nothing was really there in mont kiara. i guess everyone was about to go balik kampung, so no stalls no nothing.

but hey, no biggie. "jom pegi pusat sains negara!", yeah farah said that on impulse. sounds kiddie but strangely, we all agreed. hahaha. unfortunate again for us, pusat sains negara was about to close. so we did what we do best. camwhoring around pusat sains negara.

we have many more pictures. i've uploaded some in my friendster and facebook. u're welcome to browse 'em through. after a fun time clicking pictures, we head off to damansara heights to pick ika. and went straight to pavillion to break the fast.

the food court was out of empty seats. so we bought some food and guess what, we had our berbuka outside pavillion, by the road. with all eyes on us, we still cudnt stop monkeying around. uh oh, devil may care. hahaha. afterall, if we stop monkeying around, that defeat the purpose of our get-together.

finally, we get to feed our stomach(s) at a proper place. Madam Kwan's it is. i didn't know my meal alone was RM20++ till the bill was there. *cis, habis duit aku!* after feeding ourselves, why not feed the fish? so, we went fish spa-ing.

i found that fish spa is a way for u to release ur stress. coz u'll laugh till u die there. hahaha. it was VERY ticklish!!for the first few minutes, we just couldn't stop laughing. need a proof? below is a picture of aenn rolling on the floor. yeah, she can't resist the tickling sensations.

fatin, ika and aenn prefer the small fish. me?i like the bigger ones. *setakat ikan kecik baik buat berudu spa* not long after, i can finally cope with the tickling sensations. well, it was a great experience. at least for a first timer like me. :) uh oh, there's a video of us fish spa-ing. wanna see how ticklish it was? watch the video.

time flies. after fish spa-ing, farah drove us all home. thanks a lot to farah once again. i can't wait for fatin's buftday bash that's coming up real soon. i hope everyone can make it there. lastly, SELAMAT HARI RAYA and MAAF ZAHIR BATIN from me.

totally us. totally spice. totally love. xoxo

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Nana Suhaili said...

new one : http://www.syazanas.blogspot.com

sorry for the trouble.

mimi.nadd.wannie.wawa. said...

uwaaaa i miss u girls!! all d vids sume lawak k. haha. why tah my voice is like dat. mcm itik kottt. lagi2 vid fish spa. haha. sayang korg loads! ouh btw, pic ira n muz yg with kipas tu mcm sama k muka korg.

IRA said...

hahaha the vids are all mengarut!hahaah love u tooo babbyyy!mwaaahh!