Sunday, September 14, 2008

love is blind?

who says love is blind? if love really is blind, why do most people go after people with good looks?and if love isn't blind, why do some girls date some jerks?

to decide whether or not that love is blind is really a tough one. i can't decide either. but, what leads to love? i personally think that physical appearance is the next important thing other than good attitude with good family background. those things lead to love. i agree.

a certain someone told me that in a relationship, we'll keep on learning new things about our partner. even after marriage, u might encounter some new facts about ur spouse. (okay i dun write dis based on experience, just based on what dat particular person told me) and when love develops before u know the worst ever fact about the one that u love, can ur love fades away after knowing the true colors of ur loved one?tough one! i know.

we tend to love a person, before we actually know the person. i mean, yes we know his name, his birthday etc..but some other things?like his bad attitude?maybe he's hot-tempered?it sucks to know that our loved one has some flaws that we cant actually accept.

i've encountered dis for quite a number of times. hate to deal with it. should i try to accept it as how it is, should i try to adapt, or should i try to change things? if i keep quiet, that means my love is blind. if i try to change things, ppl might accused me for not accepting the one i love for who he is. so tell me, should i go on keeping my mouth shut and support that love really is blind, or should it be the other way round?

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