Sunday, September 28, 2008

shah alam sweethearts~

i've been away from home for too long. and i haven't seen these people for more than a year. yeah, our homes are just a few steps away but still, meeting up is not that simple because my darling friends are too busy with studies etc. and finally, we met at sophia's boutique, SoSu's heaven. there were 4 of us, me, qeela, syaza and sophia, plus izzarief.

the above is a picture of me and qeela. this is the girl i've known since we were in standard 4. we were close friends, and we still are. gosh, she's still the same old qeela and i love her so much! her makcikness is still there. :) hope to spend more time with u girl!

from left : sophia, syaza, qeela and me. remember 3 jujur? we were the girls who sat at the very back of the class. that was the intersection point of our lives. i miss sophia who used to sing 'mencintaimu' song *she really menjiwai that song!*, and syaza with her never-ending gossips and story-telling, and of course, qeela with her endless jokes and makcikness.

sophia was busy with her customers and the 3 of us were busy camwhoring. syaza switched her tudung style. i've known both syaza n sophia 6 years ago, when we were 15. yeah, still counting :)

syaza is still so energetic. she won't stop talking. she talks about almost everything in this world. and she won't care if u're tired of listening, she'll go on rattling. one of a kind huh? and sophia is still 'mencintaimu' with izzarief*our ex-classmate* yerp, they're together since 15. and still strong. congrats to u both. she's running her own blogshop, SoSu's heaven and is doing really well. feel free to visit her blogshop.

dat's our final picture together. all 4 of us, together with izzarief. am looking forward for another proper get-together. babes, before 12th october okay? the time spent was too short, we need more time to catch up with everyone's latest updates. till we meet again, shah alam sweethearts. :) :) :)

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