Monday, March 2, 2009

i miss u already...

it's amazing how time passes by. 1 day can be a really long and tiring day when u have to wait for something or someone to come up. on the other hand, 1 week can be a really short one when u're having the time of your life with your special one. and yes, last week was the shortest 1 week for me.

muka busuk i lepas dance class,
and muka budak kuat tdo yg 10 missed calls pun tak lut ;p

i wish time moves faster when he's away, but i wish time will be kind enough to stop a little while when he's with me. that's exactly what i feel. my little dinosour left for home sweet home last night and i miss him already :(

and today is a long long day. because he didn't return my messages. ran out of prepaid, and he has not yet purchase a new simcard. okay dimaafkan, i mean, i truly understand. but it's weird not to hear from him for hours. i kept sending messages to him. i don't care if it annoys him hahaha that's the aim anyway, if he gets annoyed, he'll have to tell me to stop and for that he will need to buy a new simcard and return my messages hehe :)

he recently regarded me as a clumsy one, which i kinda admit. when i walk, i walk like no one cares. yes sometimes i totally forgot that i am now in india and the fact that the road isn't always straight and smooth. yes jalan kat india memang penuh onak duri dan pancaroba and so when i walk, i tend to tersepak tu lah, terpele'ot la, tersangkut la and terpijak kaki orang la hahahaha and he went heart attack every time. and i still remember his words before he went back last night ; "nanti jalan elok2, tengok kalau ada lubang kat depan, ada batu ke ape, hati2 etc etc" now tell me how can i not love him when he cares even the smallest little thing about me? okay lepas ni i jalan tengok bawah je janji tak clumsy dah! *bole jadi muslimah sejati jalan tunduk bawah*

it's hardly 24 hours since u left but i miss u already. normalkah? take a good care of urself over there and have a blast in malaysia! rinddduuuuuuuuuuuu cepatlah online!

u igt u hensem ke b? ;p
(hensem hensem, bawak balik crunchie utk i k syg?)


seyraxo. said...

babe, im clumsy too hahahaha i tend to get tripped, terpele'ot ke terlanggar ape2 tah even on a straight and even street. my bf pun selalu pesan jalan elok2.

high five skit! LOL

IRA said...

ahahahaha same here! *high five!!* mari kite jalan elok2 ek seyra! ;p

kikolala said...

iraaa i have no cred to reply u! nways its oklah. haha as long as u find me a better saree kekekke =p

oh aku fhm kerinduan kau. n msg tak reply sbb takde cred sume tu FAHAM sgt. aaaaaaaaaa rinduuuuuuuuuuuu