Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of the past, present and future :)

today, i wasted hours in front of my laptop! commenting and again, replying all the photo comments in my facebook! omg guess what, an old friend of mine uploaded our class picture which was taken in 1997, that was 12 years agoooo! looking at my photo - malu dengan diri sendiri rasa nak lempang2 sebab comel sgt! okay let's just assume comel equals to comot. hahahaha.

the number of photo comments was reaching up to nearly 200, within just one day! and u can imagine the numerous old stories that was popping up! endlesss! the story of me selling photos of backstreeboys and spice girls for 70 cents each, the story of me and my friends cheated in the examination by throwing small pieces of papers (with answers, of course) and we ran after the ustazah shortly after she collected the exam papers to tell her the truth that we actually cheated wahahaha baik tak payah righttt?? how innocent we wereee! we were in fact, arguing who got the 1st pace in class etc etc! the stories down the lane got me laughing and rolling! sumpah lawak!

well that's basically what i did this whole night. reminiscing the past is just wonderful! imagine if our life is a movie, we can simply play it back whenever we want right? i thank god that i still have intact memory of my younger days! *no i'm not old!* and seeing my dear friends achieving success from all corners of the world is just great! :) :) :)

alrite, while the memory of the past remains in my box of memory, i still need to move forward. everybody has its own real story line. i can't wait to reveal what is there in my future! what am i gonna be? where am i gonna live? who will be my dear husband? and how my kids are going to look like? err, when am i gonna die? ahaha i am that curious! but anyways, nobody has the answer so let's just wait for time to reveal the whole story! maybe we should keep our blogs alive till 10-20 years ahead and see how thing changes! ;p

as for now, let's concentrate to the present! err, i must say the present is boring! the usual classes and lectures blablabla. no holidays blablabla. no dating blablabla. no shopping really because i'm on tight budget for some mission blablabla. okay enough, that concludes - my present life is boring! i won't be having any holidays at all till september! omg? that is like 4 months away! :( :( :( yes, i can't wait for this whole thing to end! i can't wait to graduate and become a doctor!

oh yes, maybe the only interesting thing at the moment is my O&G posting! i so love O&G and i am so gonna be one! though my dear friends keep skipping the OPD session and being me, i am supposed to do the same thing but nope, i actually stayback for the OPD session till the very end because i'm loving it! i want to become an obstetrician! this haven't change for years and i hope i will still have the semangat to go on pursuing my dream to become one! *because u know, by that time i might wanna think about settling down and have my own family with kids etc etc wahahahahaha of course la kan i dun wanna get married at the age of 30! err, mintak jauh kot*

hahahahah, okay! before i go on writing about stuffs, i better stop right? and thanks to the technology, u really keep me away from studying! omg, i haven't become a better student eversince! sudah la, berenti bercita2 nak jadi rajin, this is so u ira!

p/s : did u notice? i've been selling things since i was young! business-minded they call me wahahahha! i used to sell photos of celebrities for 70 cent each, that was pretty expensive yea? and i remember getting all the money wahahahaha and now, i'm selling beautiful sarees with affordable price! heheh and this moment i realized how business-minded i am!

p/p/s : okay girls, who wants sarees to make baju kurung/kebaya? u can simply leave a comment here or msg my facebook or friendster. *wahahaha suke hati la nk promote kat mane2 pon kan! hahahahah diam kay semua orang bluekksss*


haziQah said...

ahha jual pic spice girl? comel gile hoho
dulu kte jual stiker..untung rm 50 g mkn kfc ngn kwn2 huhu

tringin nak saree tu tp tak reti huhu

IRA said...

mulia gile untung jual stiker pegi share dengan kawan2! mulia mulia! kite mesti mau bolot sorang! wahahahaha

kain saree tu senang je, pilih color and range harge, kite belikan, bayar, then bole hantar tailor utk buat baju kurung/kebaya :)

Anonymous said...

saye nak saree jugak!!! mau! mau!hihihihi....in the end u promote gak! gud2, bru ah bisnes intan bekembang lg besar market...hehehe...ciri2 otak bisnes yg digilap dari sekolah rendah mule teserlah....hahaha....

IRA said...

hey u! jgn kacau saye bz bisnes okay!