Tuesday, May 5, 2009

anak keling

"bagilah gambar nak tengok muke anak keling" - that's exactly what my dad replied when i texted him about me reaching bangalore safe and sound from goa and about me suffering from super duper terrible sunburn in goa! yes, his words are funny most of the time :)

well actually, i dun intend to update about my goa vacation as nadia and aina has already written so much about it, but this is for u abah, for my family viewing pleasure! actually pics sangat2 banyak and still tak tergather, some pics are still with my friends, tengok la i'll update with more pics later. for now, this is what i have for u! :)

seafood heaven, sedap and also cheap!

superwoman menghabiskan makanan!
jalan kat india ni mmg cam haram sket to those who still dunno. and kitorang dengan jayanya duduk dlm keta smpai lebam for 14 hours from bangalore to goa. nasib baik dh blaja pharmacology so tau la gak ubat anti-motion sickness yg patut di telan kan so yeah, berjaya utk tak pening sgt wpon baz berjaya muntah 3 round. syabas. driver plak mmg drive tak igt dunia, sepanjang2 selekoh tu die pecut i can't remember bape banyak kali dh nk terlanggar ngan lori besar tu. memang mengucap je la keje dok dlm keta tu. thank god semuanya selamat :)

night time at britto's!

ni la anak keling tuuu waaaa sunburn
yg maha dasyat okayyyy!

goa tgh off-season. so beach tak semak sangat and bilik tak mahal sgt. too bad off-season ni tak ramai sgt mat salleh so project bersama utk cuci mata terpaksa ditangguhkan. cuba lagi di lain kali. kat sane, kitorang sewa motor. so snang sket to get around. thank god there are 2 girls yg reti bawak motor. and luckily azar was there too utk bawak motor hahahah snang sket to get around. i bawak motor? mimpi lahhh okaayyy! i'll start screaming the moment i press minyak so better not la kan. i look like badut lah bawak motor. it's always safer to drive a car lahhh!

parasailing :D

tengah laut~~~
and so the water sports! paling cuak is bumper ride, u duduk atas pelampung and ade boat tarik laju tak igt punya. sumpah tak tipu. anytime bole melayang if tak pegang kuat2. ni lepas bumper ride, i terus mabuk2 sket and terus cuak nk naik banana boat. fine call me chicken. mmg cuak pun wahahahahaha. sape suruh kasi naik bumper ride duluuu! kan dh mabuk2 + cuak2 ;p and parasailing is cooool :) and we get to have a close view of wild dolphins near arjuna beach. comellll amattt! and i did the most impossible thing, terjun into the deep sea which is like 1 km away from the shore. that is sooo impossible for me because i'm so chicken bab2 nk terjun2 laut dalam2 ni but i did it anyway, of course, with life jacket la kan if not i'm dead by now. oh actually, i didn't terjun sendiri, but orang boat tu yg tolak i into the water. agak jahat la kan? hahaha but big thanks to him, if not i won't dive into the water by myself. never kot?

waiting for our turn nihh!

baga beach :)

suntanning la ni konon..

we went to arambol beach, a secluded beach. rupenye kat sini mat salleh - mat salleh ni lepak. because baga beach and calangute beach are way too crowded, that's y kot diorang lari to arambol beach. this beach is gorgeous! too bad we get to hang around here for only 1 hour. :( the wave pun lagi besar, the water is clearer and byk rocks! sukeee!

this beach is gorgeoussss amattt!

di tepi pantai yg indah - arambol beachanak keling lagi. hahaha.
sunset lalalala~

bazilah and me :)

ha ni lah future docs!
time to go back. though we stayed there for only 3 days, as quoted by abah, i already look like anak keling sbb sunburn melampau. haih agak stress di situ tapi tkpe, i had fun! i am now planning for my next vacation ;p too soon eh? planning itu penting! and i guess i had enough travelling around india. i've covered mumbai, delhi, agra(taj mahal), tamil nadu(kodaikanal) and also goa. hope to travel outside india next ;)

so, i hope the photos are enough. i miss everyone at home! my baby anis is admitted to the hospital :( for some lung infection, let's pray for her to get better soon! :( hope everything is okayyy back home! till then, daaa!


Anonymous said...

rubigt tak ade mamat india nie menjerit'OOO MY GOOODD' sbb u bwak motor? siap jerit lg!! hahaha....n one more, ur chemistry yg dasat smpi sume anjing kerumun u....feromone tinggi eh? rugi i takde time mamat india tue tolak u, if not leh join...ekekeke...but really happy seeing u enjoying ur time...hehehe....cepat gile kot da nk plan for next hols??!! mmg hols maniac nih...

Anonymous said...


IRA said...

awak : yeah, because tranquility doesn't last long...

anonymous : ye, sayela anak keling itu..