Wednesday, May 13, 2009

i'm hating it.

some people only care when they're losing.

i have so much to spill, but definitely not here. i think i'm going through a maturation phase in my life now. i think so. i no longer think the way i used to think. i used to be so impulsive, i never really think thoroughly before doing something and that makes my life easier than ever. not to mention, FUN and so much fun!

and myself that i know now, thinks much more than she ever did before. gosh it's such a waste of time and it stops me from enjoying my life to the fullest! but this can't be helped. i'm no longer a little kid, who can simply say sorry and start a new game whenever things don't work out. and for that, i've to force my little brain to think and think and think sampai lebam. u know what, that sucks.

i wish i can be impulsive again. i wish i can just do things without having to think much about it. i wish life is fun once again.


raihan said...

growing up is so anoyying! cudnt agree more! blerghhhh~

slacker said...


Perempuan cerdas said...

me too =(


IRA said...

raihan : maybe u shud grow younger mcm curious case of sumthing button? hahahahah rasenye tu lagi annoying! ;p

slacker : senyum la seperti spongebob ituu! kan manis!

nadd : *peluks&ciums* rindu kau macam haram!

Anonymous said...

im with u! :)